Are England Rugby Players More Patriotic Than the Footballers?

English defender Gary Neville  acknowled

Watching the France versus England match from the Rugby World Cup this past weekend, one observation which stuck out in my head was how the England rugby players sang the national anthem (“God Save The Queen”) loudly with passion and feeling.

Contrast that with the England football team and most of the players, if they even bother to sing the song, mumble the words with practically closed mouths.

Some may argue it’s because the England football players are overpaid. But thinking back to previous England teams (even before the amount of money flooded into the game), I can’t remember an England national football team that sang the anthem with pride.

4 thoughts on “Are England Rugby Players More Patriotic Than the Footballers?”

  1. Maybe it has more to do with how joyless the “honor” of playing on England’s football team seems to be…you get booed for the smallest bad performance, a nation that has only won 1 World Cup puts more pressure on the team then Brazil & Argentina combined, you have people examining your personal life details every day…it seems that I wouldn’t be so fervently patriotic either.

  2. I don’t see the relevance; does it really matter how loud or how quiet, if at all, you sing the national anthem before the game starts?

    Just because someone doesn’t sing the anthem doesn’t mean they love their country any less, maybe they just don’t feel like singing and would rather think about the game. Who cares if you sing the anthem with pride? You can’t say that the rugby players care more about England more than the soccer players because they sing the anthem with more passion.

  3. I think it is an easy thing to target with the footballers. In fairness to them I think it is partly a cultural thing as for as long as I can remember very few of the footballers have ever belted out the national anthem but the rugby players always have.

  4. I think the pressure put on our sporting representatives is far to great. This goes for both rugby and football players and im not sure this pressure, applied laregly by the media, has anything to do with how both teams recite the national anthem… if anything, it should urge them to be more passionate about it (knowing how much their actions mean to the public)

    I firmly believe it is the lifestyle differences which are the biggest factor here. The astronomical wages earned by the english football players has left them out of touch with national pride… they live the lives of hollywood film stars, not of english men, who work on farms, in schools and hospitals (like players from the england rugby union team)

    Rugby union players are playing for the country and the footballers seem more concerned with playing to attract sponsorship and corporate endorsement….

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