Were Stars Playing for Mourinho FC or Chelsea FC?

All the talk the past few days about players only playing for Chelsea because Mourinho was there got me thinking whether they’d prefer to have Mourinho FC or Chelsea FC crests on their shirts?

It’s a ridiculous thought, but in a way it does demonstrate the grip that Mourinho had on his players.

Psychologically, the Chelsea side this Sunday will be a shambles against Manchester United. Sure, they’re professionals and they should be able to put the turmoil at the club behind them, but such is the sensitivity that players have for Mourinho that I believe it will affect them in a very negative manner.

My concern is that some Chelsea players may not play to the peak of the game and may not believe in Avram Grant, especially if the players were psychologically playing for Mourinho FC instead of Chelsea FC in the past.

They’d never admit that but based on the the feared exodus by Chelsea players and what they’ve said in the press thus far, they are wearing their hearts on their sleeves and honoring Mourinho — which is understandable. However, psychologically I wonder if Chelsea players believe an emphatic loss against United will prove how much of a difference Mourinho was and how much of a mountain Grant has to climb.

2 thoughts on “Were Stars Playing for Mourinho FC or Chelsea FC?”

  1. Are you really shocked that players wouldn’t be forever “loyal” to a team? Such a thing is pretty rare nowadays, especially with the biggest clubs. Players move around too much to be loyal, and the big clubs don’t do much to inspire loyalty.

    I couldn’t care less about Chelsea, but I have to say that it’s pretty stupid for them to get rid of Mourinho now. They should have done it before the season, if they were going to. A half-week before Man United has got to be the absolute worse time (unless they did it 30 minutes before kick-off).

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