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Beckham Returning To England?

The Guardian’s rumor page is reporting that David Beckham is looking for the Galaxy to loan him back to an English Premier League Club for four months if England does qualify for Euro 2008. This would allow Beckham to keep match fit in a top world league in preparation for the European Championships. A loan deal could be an outright sale perhaps if Newcastle, West Ham, Aston Villa or some other possible destination club forks out some money to AEG and the faltering LA Galaxy.

The website mentions that the LAX to Heathrow commute is too much for Beckham, but this again demonstrates to me that English footballers and English managers have no idea the realities of today’s world football where players travel great distances to play in matches for their nation. A good example is Nery Castillio, perhaps the best player in the CONCACAF region who plays his club football for Shaktar Donetsk in the Ukraine and flies back regularly to Mexico or the USA for Mexican National Team friendlies. The same can be said for a number of US players that perform their club duties in Scandinavia who fly back when called up for the US National Team’s home games.

Michael Haley speculated about the possibility of David Beckham bailing on the Galaxy quickly back in June on the Major League Soccer Talk podcast, in a discussion where we also predicted the Galaxy would finish at or near the bottom of the MLS Table. Forgive me for some blatant self promotion, but our podcast brought you this insight and speculation first.

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6 Responses to Beckham Returning To England?

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Geez. Let us hope this is just the brits being brits.

  3. Hat Trick Peter Crouch says:

    Great news

    The centerpiece of England’s Euro 2008 run which could culminate in a title. With youngsters like Ashley Young and David Bentley now becoming a big part of McClaren’s setup I doubt we’ll have much trouble with rubbish like Romania, Austria, Switzerland and Bulgaria in the Championships.

    Beckham will continue to decline as a footballer if he stays in the stinking American minor league. The quality of play in your league is poor, the speed of the game is slow and the game is largely played on the ground rather than in the air. The league doesn’t even have the quality of Conference over here although some of the players may be of a better skill level, they are not given the opportunity to demonstrate it until they leave your league.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hat trick peter crouch,

    What an ignorant statement, are you Martin Samuel in disguise? You do realize there are many different styles of play around the world dictated by climate? Guess not.

    Also, Conference, boy you really know nothing about MLS do you?

    BTW, good luck even getting into Euro 2008. Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news but your not getting out of your qualification group and into Euro 2008. You are going to have to pretty much win out and your not getting six points against Russia.

    Should have never hired McClaren.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Daily Mirror reported today that LA has rejected the loan offer from an EPL club. So it’s not happening, though our eurosnob residents wish it would.

  6. Soccer Guru says:

    He’s not going anywhere. AEG will not let him.

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