Forza Futbol

Alright, we’d like to take a short break from the news week and introduce ourselves, not The Gaffer or the Scout, or even Juan, but the three new names on the sidebar that
just magically appeared one day with little explanation: Mando, Hannah and Elisa or Forza Futbol.

Well, we are 3 friends from Los Angeles who are categorically obsessed with football, fussball, futebol, voetbol, and even soccer, but mainly futbol and calcio. Despite living in the same city, scattered at different ends of Los Angeles, California, we decided to the amusement of our friends and family to produce a weekly podcast on La Liga and Serie A. We learned a lot, we covered one of the most exciting finishes in Spain for some time, and we watched our podcast grow, making new friends along the way.

Yesterday, the new inaugural episodes of LaLigatalk with Forza Futbol, and Serie A Talk with Forza Futbol debuted on the EPL Talk feed and on Itunes (they’re quite good, give us a try). It’s a new experience and we hope to bring a new coat of paint to the site and we promise to be good neighbors to our friends on the sidebar here and to all of you who come here to visit.

As we say at the end of every podcast: goodbye, ciao and adios from Hannah, Elisa and Mando at Forza Futbol.

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