My Letter to the Guardian

I am a big fan of the football section of your newspaper and find the online section indispensable during the EPL campaign. Both your newspaper and podcast represent the best coverage of English Football available on the Internet. However, I must take your paper to task for your recent statements about Major League Soccer here in the United States. While MLS is nowhere near the standard of the Premiership it isn’t nearly as poor in quality as many of your writers and commentators claim. I notice that it has become fashionable in the British press to attack the standard of play in MLS based on watching quite possibly the league’s worst squad, Los Angeles Galaxy. Your paper and your colleagues at the other papers have engaged in a vicious slash and burn campaign towards the league without ever truly watching the quality possessed by the top teams in the league. Would it be fair if the American press judged the Premiership by the play of Wigan (whose JJB Stadium is half empty) or my beloved Manchester City who scored only ten goals at Eastlands this past season?

The opinion piece penned by former Arsenal man and current FC Dallas coach Steve Morrow in your paper the other day said it best. Morrow argued that MLS is not at the standard of the EPL by any measure, but that he has had to reject several big name players from abroad because the league is far more demanding than what is represented in your paper and the rest of the British press. If you want to see the real MLS, not just the rag tag poxy bunch in L.A., I suggest your writers check out Morrow’s side or perhaps Steve Nicol’s, (of Liverpool fame) New England Revolution, DC United or the Houston Dynamo. Only then can you judge the MLS.

Kartik Krishnaiyer
Coral Springs, Florida USA


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