Setanta Sports Expands its Team of EPL Pundits

Setanta’s team of pundits for the 2007/2008 season is continuing to grow. In the past few months, they announced that Steve McClaren McManaman, Angus Young and Steve Bower will join the Irish company.

Setanta has added Les Ferdinand to their ranks and The Guardian is reporting that Emmanuel Petit is in talks with Setanta.

At the same time that all of these deals are happening, current Setanta pundit Pat Dolan — the rotund colleague of Paul Dempsey who we saw on Setanta this past season — has been named manager of Derry City, a team in Ireland.

It’s not clear at this time whether Dolan’s appointment at Derry City means the end of his pundit job at Setanta.

While Setanta has been busy expanding its stable of pundits, the Irish broadcaster has surprisingly been quiet in its pursuit of quality commentators. There are rumors on the message boards that Setanta is in talks with Ian Darke, which would be an excellent coup for Setanta if they’re able to add the Englishman.

6 thoughts on “Setanta Sports Expands its Team of EPL Pundits”

  1. Hi I thought it was Steve McManaman and not Steve McLaren.
    I know England are in trouble but I doubt he’s looking for a job this soon!!!!

  2. McManaman and Ferdinand were both animated colorful players on and off the pitch and I think they will both be awesome as commentators!

  3. derry city fan here – where did u find that pat dolan had signed for derry city? we still have no clue on who our next manager is

  4. The Belfast Telegraph today printed a story saying that Pat Dolan hasn’t accepted the position at Derry City – yet. See here for more information.

    The Gaffer

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