Chelsea Introduce Two Versions of their Web Site

In November 2006, Chelsea launched a brand-new redesign of their web site in conjunction with Premium TV. Some of you may remember that I was the only US-based reporter at the press conference and I brought back interviews and photographs from the press conference.

Well, Chelsea has now announced that they’ve made some significant changes to that redesigned web site. The one in November was cutting edge in that it was designed completely in Flash. The newer version now gives fans an option of choosing between a HTML version and a Flash version. Obviously many of the fans weren’t ready to go 100% Flash and despite its better look-n-feel, HTML pages do load a lot faster.

Funnily enough, Chelsea has branded their Flash version of their site as ‘the Zola style,’ while the HTML version is ‘the JT style.’ I know Gianfranco Zola was a flash player, but isn’t it a bit demoralizing to call John Terry just HTML?


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