DC United to Play in Copa Sudamericana

Once again DC United has been invited to play in the super prestigious Copa Sudamericana, which along with the Copa Libertadoras serves as the continental club championship for South America. DC United participated in the 2005 edition and was defeated 4-3 on aggregate Universidad Catolica of Chile after blowing a 2-0 lead in the away leg. The Tournament takes place this fall right after the MLS Cup Final. DC United is the only MLS club ever invited to play in the event.

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3 Responses to DC United to Play in Copa Sudamericana

  1. USA2010 says:


  2. River Plate Football Club says:

    This tournament does NOT serve as the continental club championship. It is completely separate from the Liberators Cup. Quit saying false information, idiot.

  3. Eric says:

    Hey, Rive Plate Football club. Look at you! Look at your comments on a two year old article! Look how dumb you are!

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