Chivas USA Add Shirt Sponsor

Chivas Shirt 761245 Chivas USA Add Shirt Sponsor Ante Razov and Claudio Suarez model the new jersey with a Comex executive between the two Chivas USA stars/Photo from MLSnet

Chivas USA today became the fourth MLS Club to add a sponsor to front of its jersey. Mexican paint manufacturer Comex is the new shirt sponsor for the “goats” from Los Angeles. Prior to this season MLS clubs wore league mandated sponsors on the back of the jersey underneath the player numbers. For example DC United wore a Sierra Mist advertisement, LA Galaxy wore a Budweiser advertisement and New England wore a Pepsi ad on the back of their jerseys. This year LA Galaxy signed a long term deal with Herblife to have its name on the front of the Galaxy shirts and now three other MLS clubs have followed suit.

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2 Responses to Chivas USA Add Shirt Sponsor

  1. ya …. it will look nice…

  2. Soccer uniforms as a form of advertisement for the sponsors..well, this is quite cost effective and on the marketing side this is really unique..

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