Tokyo Toffeeman Wins EPL Talk Prediction League

In a very tight finish at the top, only ten points seperated first place Tokyo Toffeeman from second place Lech Poznan in the first-ever EPL Talk Predictions League. The final top ten (out of the 19 total contestants) was:1. Tokyo Toffeeman, 1185 pts2. Lech Poznan, 11753. The Gaffer, 990*4. Garyi, 9455. FC Bubd, 7656. Umersyed, 7557. iSage, 7408. Fsquid, 6509. Jtelli, 61510. Rockfish DG, 605* 40 points deducted for playing the first week alone (as a test to make sure everything worked correctly).Congratulations to Tokyo Toffeeman who will win a selection of prizes from the EPL Talk “treasure chest.”Meanwhile, watch out for the final results of the EPL Talk Champions Fantasy League, which will be published after the competition concludes on May 23.

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