Spurs Unveil Four New 07/08 Shirts

Tottenham Hotspur has unveiled their new shirts for the 07/08 season. But in a move that’s bound to irate many Spurs fans, the club has released four different jerseys, one of which is a special 125th anniversary shirt (click for larger image).

Designed by Puma, the new shirts are white (home), yellow (away), dark blue/grey (third) and half white/half light blue (anniversary shirt).

The 07/08 Spurs shirts will be officially unveiled on the Tottenham Hotspur web site tomorrow (Saturday, May 12th).

While the design of the shirts are very aesthetically pleasing, some Spurs fans may feel they’re being taken advantage of. The club just launched their new kits (remember the chocolate color shirt, which has now disappeared) and now they release four more.

If you’re a die-hard Spurs fan, listen to the EPL Talk Podcast interview with Alan Mullery, our trip to White Hart Lane and view photographs from outside Tottenham’s ground.

12 thoughts on “Spurs Unveil Four New 07/08 Shirts”

  1. It’s fine. I dont mind buying a shirt every season as long as the price stays pretty much the same. You dont HAVE to own all the shirts, but a range of nice kits is not a problem, why should it be? I’ll buy one as I always do and as the Chocolate shirts hardly saw the light of day and the blue strip was bloody awful, and I’d say they didn’t quite get the home kit right and to go for all white is a great decision. The other three all look great and I have a tough decision as to which to buy, I may even get two if they are as good as they look. Fans like Stuff with the club on, and I’d rather buy a team shirt than one of the many many items in the shop that so many people do spend their money on.

  2. I love the look of all four kits, and the dark blue one is gorgeous. I’m happy that the blue/white shirt is actually gonna be released, and I wouldn’t mind that one being a run out at home sometime.
    The all-white kit as the strong European feel to it and it harks back to our last successful period back in the 1980’s. I would be happy to own at least three of these shirts next season.

  3. Waheey, some nice shirts there. I would probably get the Anniversary one as a sort of collectable thing, and then the blue one, which is nice. What I don’t quite get is why, for the Two away kits, the Mansion sponsor has Japanese characters next to it. Can anyone shed some light onto this?

  4. Tottinghams,

    Good question about the Asian characters. My guess is that Mansion (and Spurs) are trying to attract the Asian audience.

    If the shirts are worn away (presumably in UEFA Cup next season), it may be more likely that the shirts will be seen by viewers in the Far East.

    The Gaffer

  5. After Spurs announced greedy money grabbing seat price increases for next season – I wont be buying any cheaply made polyester rip off merchandise.

  6. The blackburn-a-like special edition is a lovely shirt, though i heard it might only get one airing during a home game (i would think against the Goons!)
    It would be the one i would buy but @ £55 for maybe only one wear by the team i think i might go for the away shirt!!

  7. It is not returning, it is a different kit. And they’re only wearing this one once.

    I love the navy blue one, and I like the Chinese (not Japanese) lettering as well. Will definitely be purchasing one.

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