Spurs Unveil Four New 07/08 Shirts

Tottenham Hotspur has unveiled their new shirts for the 07/08 season. But in a move that’s bound to irate many Spurs fans, the club has released four different jerseys, one of which is a special 125th anniversary shirt (click for larger image).

Designed by Puma, the new shirts are white (home), yellow (away), dark blue/grey (third) and half white/half light blue (anniversary shirt).

The 07/08 Spurs shirts will be officially unveiled on the Tottenham Hotspur web site tomorrow (Saturday, May 12th).

While the design of the shirts are very aesthetically pleasing, some Spurs fans may feel they’re being taken advantage of. The club just launched their new kits (remember the chocolate color shirt, which has now disappeared) and now they release four more.

If you’re a die-hard Spurs fan, listen to the EPL Talk Podcast interview with Alan Mullery, our trip to White Hart Lane and view photographs from outside Tottenham’s ground.


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