Middlesbrough Unveils New Crest


Last week it was Aston Villa updating its crest. This week it’s Middlesbrough. The northeast club has decided to follow a similar tactic to Villa by unveiling a radically different logo that plays up the team’s proud history. While I liked Aston Villa’s new crest, I’m not won over by Boro’s new one. To me, the new Boro crest looks more like a crest you’d see on a blazer of a public school in England than a football shirt. Sure, it’s an improvement over the old Boro logo (pictured below) but it could have been more aesthetically pleasing than this version.

I like that the medieval lion now has more white space around it so it’s more prominent and the crest is less cluttered. But I’m not a fan of the shield.

Obviously, Boro is trying to cash in on being a club with a long history and they’re hoping that the new crest will sell more shirts and clothing merchandise. If I was a Boro supporter, I’d be more likely to wear a shirt with the new crest rather than the previous one. But it’s on the pitch where it really matters. Or is it?


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