Live Commentary of Aston Villa v Sheffield United

This week has been the busiest ever for the EPL Talk Blog based on the number of visitors to just this one section of EPL Talk. This past Wednesday, we had more than 17,000 unique visitors. Thursday was more than 12,000 and so on.

Of course, the blog is just one part of the whole EPL Talk experience. One area that’s gaining much popularity is the EPL Talk Chat, hosted by the gracious BCjohn each weekend. He’s going to be on the chat for all of the weekend matches, and it’s definitely something you’ll want to experience if you haven’t done so already.

Visit it during the live matches this weekend from the homepage of

In fact, for today’s match between Aston Villa and Sheffield United, BCjohn will be commentating alongside his partner in crime Jason Freeman. Be sure to listen to their commentary starting at 12:15pm ET today.

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