Soccer Fan Experiences Ineptitude of Time Warner

I quite often get emails from soccer fans around North America asking for help regarding their TV or satellite questions, or sharing their frustrations about dealing with cable and/or satellite providers.I, too, have experienced my fair share of customer service nightmares (most notably with DirecTV). But here’s one letter from a Time Warner customer and his experiences trying to sign up for the MLS Direct Kick package. Thanks to the excellent blog, That’s On Point, for the article.How many of you have had similarly bad experiences with your local cable or satellite company?

4 thoughts on “Soccer Fan Experiences Ineptitude of Time Warner”

  1. Time Warner still does not offer GovTV in most areas. If they added it to their sports package, they would drive people to subscribe and pay more. It makes no sense why Time Warnet still does not offer GolTV.

  2. I want to watch German soccer games (Bundesliga) but I never had the chance to watch it while live in action !!! when it is all over later in the day or the next day they start showing, which is no use after I found out the scores and then they show so many times the same teams play repeatedly !!!!
    I asked by phone soccer channel handlers (or so called experts in channels line up knowledgeable) advising me to check with the internet channel line up by Time Warner !!) I even asked if there is a maybe pay for view, they cannot answer…. I am frustrated since I can not find in the channel listings either… I know there are so many local Germans descendants probably they watch it on other networks..and I am so many years highly paying subscriber in vain…

  3. Was not aware till I tried to get the NBC streaming options that Time Warner would once again play their games in a successful effort to piss every one off. I spoke to three Time Warner reps this morning Number 1 gave me the phone number of CBS ???? Second one tried but was baffled by it all, Third one nice enough, but told me to call NBC……

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