Fans Vote In Opposition to European Super League

The results are in from the latest EPL Talk poll about whether you are in favor of a proposed European Super League or not. With 95 people responding, here are the results:

What’s surprising to me is that only 53% of you are in opposition to the Super League. I thought it would have been a higher percentage. Forty percent of you are either in favor of it, or would need to hear more about the plans before making a final decision.

For the 6% of you who aren’t familiar with the European Super League concept, go here to learn more.

The next poll asks your opinion regarding which Premiership club is next to most likely be taken over by an American investor (see left column for poll).

3 thoughts on “Fans Vote In Opposition to European Super League”

  1. While I oppose the European Super League that doesn’t mean that I do not think it will happen. I think it’s likely to happen and I believe you may see an American team or two in the mix.

  2. Hmmm, interesting interpretation…”only 53% of you oppose the European league”…53% is more than half…com’on, Gaffer…European superleague will not be popular with the Bolton or Pompey fan who is paying to watch United and Liverpool come to their stadium at least once/year…and, again, it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen in about 5-10 years or so…Champions League is a fantastic competition, but you never know what UEFA might come up with…

  3. Anonymous,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. When I mentioned “only 53% of you oppose the European Super League,” I was trying to share my surprise at how few were in opposition.

    I presumed that the number would be much higher. That’s all.

    The Gaffer

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