Strengthening its Online Content

Fox Soccer Channel today announced that it has signed a three year deal with the United Soccer League (USL) to broadcast matches on Friday nights.

But, for me, the bigger news in the press release is that Fox will be showing the matches on their web site in addition to TV. While I seriously doubt that the number of people interested in watching the USL online is significant, it does signal the direction for Fox and how the site will hopefully make more soccer, specifically the Premiership, available in the near future.

One thought on “ Strengthening its Online Content”

  1. Believe it or not I probably will watch some of these matches. the USL is a very underated product. Thanks to the hard MLS salary cap, many of your mid range American players are in USL. MLS has the best Americans not playing in europe plus young americans not as good as the top USL players but cheap enough to fit under the cap. And let’s not forget the great Romario played last season in USL not MLS before moving on to the A-league down under.

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