Famous Musicians Who Are Mad Soccer Fans


This week’s episode of the EPL Talk Podcast features a special segment on famous musicians and the teams they support. Here are the starting eleven plus a very large and growing substitute’s bench:

  1. Julio Iglesias (Real Madrid). Did you know the famous Spanish singer was once the goalkeeper for Real Madrid’s junior squad? Strange but true.

  3. Luciano Pavarotti (AS Roma). The Italian opera singer is near and dear to the heart of soccer fans after The Three Tenors performed so many incredible songs for Italia 1990.

  5. Brian Johnson (Newcastle United). The lead singer from AC/DC is a massive Newcastle United fan, so much so that he played a cameo role in “Goal: The Movie” wearing a Toon shirt and saying a few lines.

  7. Paul Oakenfold (Chelsea). The Chelsea fan and the world’s most famous DJ has a studio in LA named after Stamford Bridge, and has traveled the world to watch Boca Juniors.

  9. Joe Elliott (Sheffield United). Def Leppard’s lead singer is a die-hard Blades fan, while bandmate Rick Savage supports Sheffield Wednesday.

  11. Rod Stewart (Celtic). The Scottish singer still kicks soccer balls into the crowd at his concerts, and has travelled the world following Celtic.

  13. Steve Harris (West Ham United). The Iron Maiden founder and bass guitarist loves the Hammers so much that he often plays a guitar onstage that’s designed with West Ham colors, and wears a Hammers scarf in concert.

  15. Robbie Williams (Port Vale). One of the most successful solo artists in the world (“Feel,” “Rock DJ”) is such a big Port Vale supporter that he’s also a shareholder. His album, “Sing When You’re Singing” pictures Williams wearing a football kit.

  17. Ian Astbury (Everton). The lead singer of The Cult has played with Hollywood United FC in southern California, and released a remix version of a song from his solo band Holy Barbarians entitled “Dolly Bird (Goodison Park Shuffle).” (see video here)

  19. Liam Gallagher (Manchester City). The Oasis vocalist played a massive concert at City’s former ground, Maine Road, in 1996.

  21. David Gray (Manchester United). Famous for the single “Babylon,” Gray recently helped commentate the Arsenal against Man United match for BBC radio. Substitutes:

  23. Steve Jones (Chelsea). The former Sex Pistols guitarist is a die-hard Chelsea fan.

  25. Billy Duffy (Manchester City). The lead guitarist from The Cult (“Fire Woman,” “She Sells Sanctuary”) has been known to wear Man City shirts on stage, and also plays for Hollywood United FC with other celebrities in southern California.

  27. Chris DeBurgh (Liverpool). Recently profiled on The Game Podcast from The Times, DeBurgh (who is famous for the single “The Lady In Red”) supports the team in Red from Merseyside.

  29. Noel Gallagher (Manchester City). The mad Man City fan was rumoured to be interested in purchasing half the pitch and many stadium seats from City’s old ground, Maine Road.

  31. Johnny Marr (Manchester City). The former guitarist of The Smiths had trials at Manchester City and was approached by Nottingham Forest to play football.

  33. DJ Judge Jules (Arsenal). The Gooner fan remixed the Premier League anthem, which is currently played around football grounds in England and on the EPL Review and Preview shows.

  35. Fatboy Slim (Brighton). The famous DJ owns 12% of Brighton & Hove Albion.

  37. Elton John (Watford). The former chairman and director still has a significant financial investment in the club.

  39. Simon Le Bon (Manchester United). Although Duran Duran’s lead singer is from Birmingham, he’s an avid Man United fan.

The question is: Who are we missing? Tell us your stories or personal encounters with famous musicians and the football clubs they adore. Click the ‘comments’ link below.

57 thoughts on “Famous Musicians Who Are Mad Soccer Fans”

  1. Hi,

    Placido Domingo is a huge football/Barcelona fan and he actually schedules his singing arrangement in a way so as to not interfere with the World Cup games.

    1. hi, I saw your comment and I was forced to answer. You got it wrong, in fact, Plácido Domingo is a huge Real Madrid fan. Not only you can know it easily by taping ‘placido domingo real madrid’ in google, but he actually sings Real Madrid’s present anthem. I know this post is out of phase but just for people to know.

  2. I recall seeing an FSC “Hi, I’m ??? and you’re watching the Fox Soccer Channel” segment involving two singers from Depeche Mode. I can’t remember their names but one was a Chelsea supporter and the other was for Arsenal.

  3. They’re not an EPL team but actor Patrick Stewart is a hard-core Huddersfield Town (HTFC) fan. On one occasion he went on the pitch at the Galpharm Stadium to wave to the crowd and was greeted with a chant of “Picard is a Town fan” and the Vulcan salute.
    – Brett

  4. There is a Canadian musician, Matthew Good, who is a die-hard Arsenal supporter. He’s done segments on MuchMusic (Canada’s MTV) wearing an Arsenal jersey and even once did an interview at a local stadium where he made the VideoJockey play footie with him.

    Too bad he’s an irrepresible c***, otherwise, I’d probably be a big fan of his.

  5. In the Fox Soccer spot with the two Depeche Mode members, the Arsenal fan is Martin Gore, and I believe (but am not certain) that the Chelsea fan is David Gahan.

  6. Johnny “Rotten” Lydon is a big time Gooner!
    So is Roger Daltrey of The Who. He even sang during the last match at Highbury. How you missed them with some of the ponces that made this list is beyond me. I also think one of The Rifles is a Hammers fan as they had a West Ham Flag draped over one of their amps when I saw them in London last year. But we won’t hold it against them.

  7. Pulled from a Bill Simmons article:

    Waford – Once owned by Elton John.

    Everton – Paul McCartney.

    Chelsea – Michael Caine.

    Arsenal – Gavin Rossdale, Spike Lee, Hornby, Dido, Roger Waters, Andrew Ridgeley (the other guy from Wham!), Ray Davies, Colin Firth, Will Wheaton, Freddie Prinze Jr., Kevin Costner, Jackie and Joan Collins, Queen Elizabeth, Price Harry, Fidel Castro, John Gotti, Michael Moore and Osama Bin Laden.

    Newcastle – Tony Blair, and Sting.

    Liverpool – Sporty Spice, Chris DeBurgh, Darren Clarke and Dr. Dre.

    Tottenham Hotspur – Steve Nash, Salman Rushie, Ray Liotta, Grabriel Garcia Marquez, Jude Law, Bob Marley, Donal Logue, Shania Twain, Baby Spice and the head of ESPN John Skipper.

  8. Anyone that watches socceram would see the whole thing where celebrities without clubs pick out of the hat.

    I think Seth Rogan got Bournemouth and Evander Holyfield were on a few weeks ago can’t remember exactly think he got Tranmere.

    Paul Greengrass is a spurs fan im pretty sure. He talked about bourne ultimatum and the possibility of a fourth edition on the Mayo etc with Damon…

  9. To correct Lynne K’s post above (a year after she posted it but what the hell…):

    Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore is not an Arsenal fan, he supports Chelsea.

    Singer Dave Gahan is also a Chelsea fan, but he isn’t into football very much

    Keyboardist Andy Fletcher is a Liverpool supporter.

    Finally, Alan Wilder, who left Depeche Mode in ’94, is a QPR supporter.

    And yes, I am a *huge* Depeche Mode fan.

    1. I like Depeche Mode too, and your post is riddled with mistakes.

      Martin L. Gore IS ABSOLUTELY an Arsenal supporter, he has nothing to do with Chelsea. On the other hand, Andrew Fletcher does follow Chelsea. Fletcher himself said so in an interview published this year, you can search for it.

  10. Snoop Dogg and Kobe Bryant(LOL, I know he’s not a musician) are reportedly huge Barcelona fans. In fact, Kobe is said to be good friends with Ronaldinho.
    Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns is a huge Spurs fan .
    Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls is said to be a huge Inter fan.

  11. Yeah, there was a lot in the British media regarding Steve Nash after he said it was his dream to one day own Tottenham.

    Pete Doherty (Libertines and Babyshambles) is a QPR fan.
    Jarvis Cocker, Nick Banks and Richard Hawley (Pulp) are all Sheffield Wednesday fans.
    Pete Tong ( king of British Dance radio) is a Gooner I believe as is Benny Anderson of ABBA and Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys!
    As for my beloved Spurs, we have the following
    Phil Collins, Bruce Foxton (The jam), Lush ( mid ninties indie band), Status Quo and Lemar.
    Dont forget Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap, who supports Shrewsbury Town.

    Surely the strangest is Jon Anderson, lead singer of Yes and Jon and Vangelis, who supports Accrington Stanley!!

  12. Saw this on your comments… I always find it funny who Morrissey supports… There was word that he liked Man U, even wrote a song about the Munich Air disaster.. Then he went on his Bobby Moore kick, and wore the West Ham Boys club. I think its more about being an east end hard man. And recently it was reported he supported Millwall of all teams. again wanting to line up with so called 'hard' men.

    West Ham is the English team for Rod Stewart, David Essex, Nick Berry ( if you call his album music), John Cleese ( sang a bit), Phil Collen of Def Leppard, Roger O'Donnell of the Cure, Louise Wener of Sleeper, Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters, Chesney Hawkes, Keith Flint of the Prodigy, Jo O'Meara of S Club 7 ( yeah I know), Russell Brand ( he at least played a rock star)

    and yeah and Obama ( they called him a rock star)

  13. Warren Mitchell, Phil Cornwell, Paul Whitehouse, Patsy Kensit, Jerry Springer, Peter Cook and Paul Merton are all Spurs fans but seeing as this is about musicians then so are Jeff Beck, Donny Osmond, Bob Marley, Shania Twain, Chas 'n' Dave and the band 'Ride'.

  14. Rod Stewart changed teams then, because in the liner notes for his “Footlose and Fancy Free” album, he specifically lists Celtic and Manchester United as his two clubs.

  15. Judas Priest( or three of them Ian, Ken(K.K.) and Glen) are big Baggies fans. {http://www.baggies.com/celebrities/}
    Dunno who Rob and Scott support. Its kinda ironic that their single United is used by The Blades before kickoff. Wonder what the three think of when they sit in Bramall Lane for the away game:)
    Must say they put on a hell of a concert. Pure Heavy Metal.

  16. Interesting you list Elton John as a Man U fan… seeing as he is the world’s most famous Fulham supporter, not to mention an honorary board member and a shareholder. Just shows how much bull you can get away with on these sites… Bob Marley porbably wasn’t a spurs fan, it’s just a spurs fan saying that due to the whole shared cultural heritage of rastas and jews.

  17. Harry, interesting that you say Elton John is the world’s ost famous Fulham supporter when he is actually a Watford fan & used to own the club! Lol

    Jah Wobble is a MASSIVE Spurs fan. (Must’ve been interesting watching the derby with the sex pistols with Johnny Rotten being Arsenal!!)

    Lord Sassafras is also a Spurs fan, as is Ranking Toyan.

    Wiley is a Spurs fan too as are The Klaxons, Lemar, Norman Jay, Amy Winehouse, Bryan Adams, Anthony Costa (of boy-band ‘Blue’), DJ Fabio, DJ Annie Mac, DJs Alex P & Brandon Block, DJ Jo Whiley, Paul Young, DJ Simon Mayo

  18. & Johnny Buckland, the guitarist from Coldplay

    Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins

    Kevin McKillop & Russell Yates of Moose . . .

    . . . all Spurs fans!!

  19. Bass……Jah Wobble was in PIL not the Sex Pistols…..I’m sure I saw somewhere that Justin Timberlake is a Man United fan. Orlando Bloom too apparently….I’d also guess John Terry after his penalty in Moscow. Roger Waters from Pink Floyd is an Arsenal fan.

  20. Surprised Bernard Sumner of New Order isn’t on your list above, since they did the most famous “World In Motion”

    Bernard Sumner: Manchester United
    Steven Morris: Macclesfield Town (er, a small team in the lower division)
    Peter Hook (Sadly a former NO member): Manchester United

  21. In a interview running upto his presidentional election, Barrack Obama was asked by a British journalist if he liked soccer and if so who did he support. To which he replied laughing ‘Manchester United they are awesome’

    Wooo the most powerful man in the world is a United fan, go Obama!

    1. So powerful is he that any random Republican politician can overrule any piece of legislation he supports. And depends on the Chinese to finance his country’s debts.

  22. When Morrissey, The Greatest, supports your club, and Robbie Williams chooses your club’s stadium for his big charity matches, you know you support THE BEST, THE BIGGEST, THE MOST SUPPORTED TEAM IN THE WORLD,

  23. A few more, based on actual interviews and quotes I’ve read, not second guessing (except when otherwise indicated).

    Arsenal: Tony Hadley and the Kemp brothers (Gary & Martin) of Spandau Ballet fame. Dido.
    Aston Villa: David Cameron.
    Chelsea: Bryan Adams
    Liverpool: Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg (rumoured only), Daniel Craig
    Manchester City: the Gallagher brothers (Oasis)
    Manchester United: Curt Smith of Tears for Fears.
    Newcastle United: Sting
    Queens Park Rangers: Andrew Ridgeley (Wham!), Robert Smith (The Cure)
    Stoke City: Slash (formerly of Guns N’ Roses, grew up in the area)
    Tottenham Hotspur: Steve Norman (also of Spandau Ballet), Jude Law, Adele

  24. ALL ARSENAL SUPPORTER=Rihanna Jay-z beyonce,katrina kaif ,kaka ,ranbir kapoor ,edan hazard,kalou ayow raila odinga, sh.shariif sh ahmed, abdi nasir SOLA cagta xaaji and me

  25. QPR Have Mick jones – the clash, Pete Doherty – babyshambles, Glenn Matlock – Sex pistols, Robert Smith – the cure, The perfect band,

  26. Bob Marley was a Spurn supporters, sure. He loved football… and his dead went after a long foot injured. R.I.P.

    Freddy Mercury… ? Cristal Palace?

  27. Millwall: Lars Frederiksen (Rancid), Scroobius Pip (electronica/hip-hop), and several of the guys from the great Oi band the Business (“England 5, Germany 1”).

    St. Pauli: Greg Graffin (Bad Religion), the lead guy for KMFDM, Andrew Eldritch (Sisters of Mercy.)

    Of course the Gallagher brothers are the ones who TRULY are on the right track!

  28. spurs probably could have had the greatest band ever if the late great bob ‘the rastaman’ marley & the brilliant jimi hendrix were still alive with the amazing amy winehouse on vocals

  29. I’m Italian and I can tell you most precisely Pavarotti used to support Juventus FC, not AS Roma. ‘Romanisti’ hail from Rome and surroundings, you won’t find them anywhere else in Italy, whereas Juve is a sort of ‘national team’. Pavarotti was from Modena, in the north of Italy yet quite distant from Turin, but he was a Juve fan.

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