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Latest Developments from Setanta Sports, GolTV and Fox Soccer Channel

sportelamerica Latest Developments from Setanta Sports, GolTV and Fox Soccer ChannelI just returned last night from SPORTELAmerica, one of the top events for sports TV broadcasters. It’s important to us, the viewers, because this is the type of event where much of the wheeling and dealing is done that ultimately decides what TV rights deals will go to which companies.

In the next few days, I’ll post more details about what I thought of the event. But, for now, I just released the latest episode of the EPL Talk Podcast, which features exclusive interviews with Setanta, Fox Soccer Channel and GolTV.

Here are just some of the revelations that are covered in the podcast episode:

  • The latest news about how many 2007/2008 Premiership matches will be shown on Setanta Broadband starting in August,
  • News about the upcoming launch of Setanta Sports Canada,
  • The latest news about whether the Dish Network will add Setanta,
  • What effect the SPC Worldwide deal will have on GolTV viewers,
  • Whether GolTV is contemplating moving their headquarters from Miami, which would question whether commentators (and South Florida residents) Phil Schoen, Ray Hudson and Lindsey Dean would stay with the network,
  • The latest news about the likelihood of showing broadband matches from the Premiership starting next season,
  • What will happen to the Saturday 2:15pm ET/11:15am PT Premiership match that is shown on tape delay on Fox but will probably be replaced by a Serie A match instead,
  • And much much more.

Be sure to listen to this special episode of the EPL Talk Podcast.

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5 Responses to Latest Developments from Setanta Sports, GolTV and Fox Soccer Channel

  1. Simon Burke says:

    Excellent work Gaffer -
    Questions to mull over:

    1) I have ITVN – assuming they dont get their act together and broadcast things on demand (something they talked about once as reinstating), will ITVN SEtanta subscribers be able to use SEtanta Broadband? I wouldnt want to pay for Broadband if I am already paying for the channel on broadcast.

    2) How do we get ITVN to broadcast the second 10am game live which airs on Setanta Extra? – The Setanta rep said ITVN could do it if they wanted. Arsenal have been in that slot a couple of times this year and I have had to hide away to 3pm to avoid it.

    3) The Fox guy (Ed Gursky) suggested putting games on the web as they host some rights for the next 3 years, he gave no hard facts and if Setanta are delivering their EPL games online does this mean FSC actually have such rights. I hope so. I cant see FSC somehow ever being advanced enough to be on the web.

  2. Kartik says:


    Outstanding work. I look forward to listening to the podcast, and am pleased you are staying all over the broadcast developments for us.

  3. Corey says:

    ITVN doesn’t advertise it but they have an official forum at …if you want to voice your opinions about the service then I think this is one outlet.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great interviews.

    It’s actually horrifying to see that the guy from GolTV has the galactically poor judgement to use himself as an announcer on several English Language programs. I’ve emailed GolTv several times urging them to remove that guy with the heavy accent as he is teeth-grittingly unbearable to listen to.

    I didn’t realize until this interview that he’s a bigwig at the channel.

    It explains a lot of what’s wrong with GolTv: great ideas, great concepts for shows, POOR talent and terrible judgement.

    I watch Gol out of need, not choice. I’ve grown quite irritated with the workmanship at he channel.

    From calling my Serie A “Il Calcio”, to poor commenting talent and prep for shows like Ole, Hallo and Ciao…such stupid names…to poor audio quality for matches with poor announcing talent…aming other gripes…they manage to show the flip side of “all sizzle and no steak” by giving the steak…with ZERO sizzle and a bla flavor.

    Moreover, hearing his 65/35 english/spanish viewership breakdown makes their heavy latin bias even more inane.

    Sorry to complain so much but GolTv’s presentation is not very alluring to the casual fan. If I were trying to get a friend into the sport, I’d show him FSC instead as I would be embarrassed to have him get acclamated thru GolTv’s amateur quality presentation. The fact that American Soccer is about the only show where you actually see the announcers, is yet another poor touch.

  5. The Gaffer says:


    In answer to your questions:

    1) ITVN subscribers won’t be able to use Setanta Broadband unless you sign up for the service separately. It’s a completely different service and accessible via a browser instead of the ITVN set top box. Since Setanta Broadband launched approximately a year ago, it has been unable to show the Premiership – until this summer. See review of Setanta Broadband in issue two of the EPL Talk Magazine.

    2) The only way to do it, I believe, is to ask ITVN. The more people that request it, the greater the likelihood it may happen.

    3) More news to come on that. Stay tuned.

    The Gaffer

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