Premiership Fans Protesting Away Ticket Prices

The topic of match tickets has been in the news this week. First, Bolton announced that they’re reducing prices for next season. Now Manchester United fans have decided to protest at Craven Cottage for tomorrow’s match and will be encouraged not to buy any food, beverages or merchandise in order to send a message to Fulham.

Fulham is charging Man United away supporters 45GBP ($88), which is pretty outrageous. Manchester City away fans, meanwhile, were charged 25GBP ($48). Reason being is that matches at Fulham, and most Premiership grounds, are priced on a scale (i.e. categories). The bigger matches cost more to see, and it costs less to see “lesser” opposition.

On top of all of this, as I reported on Soccer Shout last night when I was the guest co-host, the Football Supporters’ Federation has launched a campaign encouraging you, the fans, to protest against the rising ticket prices for away matches. The organization wants ALL away tickets reduced to 15GBP ($29).

They’re encouraging fans to sign a petition, which then automatically sends an e-mail to all 20 Premiership clubs.

Sign the petition today at

In the meantime, you can listen to the Soccer Shout episode from last night either from or under the “In The Media” section here.

5 thoughts on “Premiership Fans Protesting Away Ticket Prices”

  1. Being here in Amercia its hard to really get worked up about ticket prices that are largely market determined, in the UK. It does strike me as a bit of a double standard that if you look at the overall revenue created by the league each year, you will see that the big 4 dominate in capturing that revenue. Its hard to then say OK u small clubs we are going to cap your match day revenue to make our fans happy. Just strikes me as a bit of a double standard, and as you know Im an Arsenal(the highest priced tickets) thru and thru.

  2. Fans are being fleeced by clubs, it’s not just away fans but home as well. Charging people more than £15 for any match is a rip off, it is just 90 minutes entertainment after all. The TV companies pay millions to the clubs to screen the games but they’re still not happy, no wonder attendances are going down at certain clubs.

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