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Fox Soccer Channel Losing Monday EPL Matches

Oliver Tse from is reporting that starting with the 2007-2008 EPL season, the Monday night matches (usually at 3pm ET) will air on Setanta Sports instead of Fox Soccer Channel in the U.S.

Presuming that the rest of the weekend schedule remains the same, that means that Fox Soccer Channel will keep the Saturday matches at 10am ET, Noon ET and 2:15pm ET, and the Sunday match at 11am ET, while Setanta will carry the Saturday matches at 7:45am ET, 10am ET (two, one on Setanta Xtra), Sunday at 8:30am ET and now Monday at 3pm ET.

In comparison with last season, there have been far fewer matches played on Monday’s this season. However, this could be another argument for soccer fans to push them over the edge and subscribe to Setanta on DirecTV or ITVN.

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3 Responses to Fox Soccer Channel Losing Monday EPL Matches

  1. Todd says:

    Im not too bothered by more things going to Setanta, since I feel they generally do a better job with the matches. My problem is that with Setanta on ITVN, i do get a slighlty worse picture (i know, better than nothing) but its still annoying. I watch the early match on setanta and come back over to FSC and its night and day. Not to mention the rebuffering etc. Im more upset that United plays the early saturday match every week until until late april, and those will most likely be changed for FA cup matches which will be PPV. things are better than last year, thats for sure, but its a pain not knowing each week where and when you can see your team play. I cant wait to be able to swith to directv and have the recording abilities and on screen guides.

  2. Cary says:

    The thing that frustrates me the most is the loss of the EPL PPV package that DiSH Network had for the last few years. It was worth the $300US per year to get two (2) Saturday and one (1) Sunday match, plus the standard FSC matches. But now that is gone and I am left with moving to DirecTV and paying a lot more or ITVN. Is ITVN really worth $15/mth? I don’t know. I live in the middle of nowhere, so my broadband is wireless vs. cable. My bandwidth is great, but I just wonder what the picture quality will look like when I hear others complain who are on cable.

    Maybe if enough of us complain, DiSH Network will pick up Setanta Sports. One can hope!!!

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