Setanta Considers Bidding on TV Rights to FA Cup

According to, Setanta Sports is considering bidding on the rights to the FA Cup and England internationals which will become available next month.

The FA is hoping the TV rights will sell for approximately $800 million. Currently Sky Sports and the BBC share the rights package, but in addition to Setanta Sports, NTL, Channel Five and ITV are also interested.

If Setanta was to win the TV rights to the FA Cup and England internationals, this would be a huge blow to the BBC and Sky especially. In the United States, it would mean that starting next season, Fox Soccer Channel would probably not be carrying these matches but Setanta Sports in North America would.

7 thoughts on “Setanta Considers Bidding on TV Rights to FA Cup”

  1. And with Sentanta’s penetration into U.S. households nowhere near Fox Soccer Channel’s, how can this be anything but bad?

  2. Aye, the blues get lucky again…

    Chelsea vs. Blackpool / Norwich

    Watford vs. Ipswich

    Preston vs. Man City

    Plymouth vs. Derby

    Man Utd vs. Reading

    Arsenal / Bolton vs. Blackburn

    Bristol City / M’brough vs. West Brom

    Fulham vs. Tottenham

  3. given the relatively poor quality of fsc’s presentation of the epl when compared to sentanta the switch can only be considered great news! now if we can only get some interesting matches

  4. One interesting note: the last time these rights went for sale, they actually went for cheaper than the previous contract (by about 28%). This time, the FA is shooting for a 25% increase at least. Interesting how fortunes change sometimes. With them seeking an increase, I have a feeling the BBC will be hard pressed to keep up.

    I’ll also note that nothing changes really soon on this, as this contract would not start until after the European Championships in 2008.

  5. Gaffer:

    International video rights are sold separately from UK domestic rights.

    Under NewsCorp’s current deal with the English FA, NewsCorp-managed units FOX Sports International (FSI) in the U.S. and Canada and ESPN STAR Sports (ESS) in Asia (except Japan) have the TV rights to the English FA Cup through 2008.

    FSI is expected to keep the English FA Cup on a combination of FOX Soccer Channel/FOX Sports en Espanol and pay-per-view/Setanta Premium in 2008.

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