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All Eyes Point to Emirates As Reds Beat Chelsea

rafa benitez All Eyes Point to Emirates As Reds Beat ChelseaCongratulations to Rafa Benitez and the Liverpool squad for getting the victory they deserved today. Rafa got his formation right by sticking with a 4-4-2 instead of his usual 4-5-1 against Chelsea, and the combination of Peter Crouch and Dirk Kuyt up front paid dividends for the Spanish manager.Drogba must be kicking himself for missing quite a few chances. But to me, today’s match was a good example of the lack of depth and passion in the Chelsea side. Being two nil down at halftime, a look at Chelsea’s bench revealed only one substitute of any real worth and that was the inconsistent Shevchenko. A combination of injuries and poor transfers offered Mourinho few opportunities to make any changes.Instead it was up to Chelsea on the pitch to make the difference, and despite having possession for most of the match, the team was unable to do anything with the ball where it mattered most — in front of goal.In my preview of today’s Chelsea match, I mentioned how crucial it was for Jermaine Pennant to make his presence known in the match. He did it with an absolutely cracking goal which came in off the crossbar.Tomorrow’s Arsenal versus Manchester United match takes on even more importance now. If United wins, it’ll be nine points ahead in the league with the title in their sight. If United loses, the gap will only be six points.Don’t count out Liverpool and Arsenal quite yet. The Reds are now just five points behind Chelsea. Arsenal, meanwhile, are definitely worthy of beating Man United at home. If that happens, it’ll really open up the four horse race.

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5 Responses to All Eyes Point to Emirates As Reds Beat Chelsea

  1. riocharlie says:

    Sheva inconsistent? He has been consistently dreadful all season! 20 minutes, 1 foul and an audition, well taken i might add, for the role as the invisible man.

    The arrogance of Chelsea has caught up to them. I have never heard of a professional team in any division in any league going into a campaign with 2 central defenders.

    Today’s result ensures more competitiveness, bringing liverpool, and hopefully arsenal closer to the top. Additionally, I look forward to more of the soap opera histrionics from King’s road, that weve been treated to for the past fortnight.

    Collect call for Roman Abromovitch, will you accept the charges?

  2. Anonymous says:

    “I have never heard of a professional team in any division in any league going into a campaign with 2 central defenders.”

    Terry, Carvalho, Boularhouz

  3. Johnathan Starling says:


    I don’t think the Russian Mob makes collect calls. They just show up at your doorsteps to finish off the hit.

    As a Chelsea fan, I can’t remember the last time Chelsea were this dreadful for an entire 90 minutes. My blog tomorrow over on the EPL Community Site should be quite interesting indeed as I throw my team under the bus in a way that I think Jose wants to in public.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Drogba missing several chances? Chlesea barely had a look at the Liverpool goal. Were you watching a different game, Gaffer?

  5. The Gaffer says:

    He missed two headers in front of goal in the first half, and cannoned a shot over the crossbar which resembled more of a rugby try than a shot on goal.

    The Gaffer

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