The Time Has Come For Beckham To Join L.A.

In the topsy-turvy world of transfer dealings, sometimes you don’t know if you’re coming or going. But one thing is for sure and that’s the end of David Beckham’s career at Real Madrid. After not being named to the squad for the Spanish Cup match against Real Betis last night, all signs are pointing in the direction that David Beckham will join the L.A. Galaxy.But, first, a word of warning. After our hopes were raised in early December that Jurgen Klinsmann would be announced as U.S. head coach, we all know that nothing is 100% until the fat lady sings.For Beckham and U.S. soccer, the move to L.A. would be a win-win and a much needed boost for soccer in the United States which is at quite a low ebb right now after Klinsmann’s U-turn and the lacklustre display by the U.S. national team in the World Cup.But with this blog (and site) being focused on the Premiership, what type of effect will Beckham’s arrival in the States have on the Premiership-watching experience for fans in America? Personally, I think it’ll be a positive one. Beckham’s arrival would increase the number of soccer fans in America, which will – in turn – increase the number of TV viewers to Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports. And that’s only going to increase the TV ratings for the Premiership as new fans get introduced to what many consider as the best league in the world.Editor’s Note: 11:15am ET, It’s official. David Beckham has agreed to join the L.A. Galaxy.


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