Premiership: Lowest Scoring League in Europe

Paul Wilson from The Guardian reports that the Premiership is the lowest scoring league in Europe. While teams are definitely playing more defensively, the main reason for the lack of goals is that the league has turned more continental than English. While the English style of play can still be seen with frenetic pace and lots of physical play, the continental approach has been on display more often.

Getting a goal and then holding on for a win was made famous by the Italian national team long before Bolton adopted the practice.

The Daily Mail, meanwhile, analyses Blackburn’s crowd of less than 17,000 for this past Saturday’s match against Fulham. Part of the reason for the smaller crowd than usual was the fact that Fulham only brought 250 away fans. Pitiful. But if the above story about lack of goals, plus the fact that the ticket prices are exorbitant, it’s no surprise that there are more empty seats this season than most.

Jamie Redknapp, meanwhile, picks the best 11 players in the Premiership right now from the 20 teams.

Simon Burnton from The Guardian wrote an interesting article about what it’s like to watch Premiership coverage via the Internet for free (before the Premier League shuts those sites down).

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