Audio from Man United's 1-1 Draw Against Chelsea

The EPL Talk tour of England ended tonight after Man United’s 1-1 tie against Chelsea. You can hear the Podcast recorded immediately after the match, which captures audio from before and during the game. Plus, we feature an interview with a United fan who has supported the club since the fifties.During this past Thanksgiving weekend, we also released podcasts on Chelsea and Fulham.Listen to all of the podcasts from EPL Talk at

One thought on “Audio from Man United's 1-1 Draw Against Chelsea”

  1. FSC started the “LIVE” broadcast at 9 minutes after 11. I think that was a “record” even for them. I wander if their mother network-FOX-start an NFL broadcast w/ a 9 minute delay what would the reaction be. Granted, the Lazio game(which was quite entertaining, actually-I like watching Lazio this season) ended late, but there were 6 minutes of commercials in between the two games.
    As for the game itself-hard-fought draw. Manchester has no depth whatsoever. If you rely on Fletcher and O’Shea to make a difference coming off the bench…it means that you’ll never be champions. Their starting 11 is very strong, but w/ aging Giggsie and Scholes, who will come in? SAF better buy 2-3 class acts in midfield during the winter break.
    Chelsea came for a draw and got it. I am impressed by Ballack who, unlike Sheva, is getting comfortable in the premier league. The Ronaldo-Cole battle was very entertaining to watch-cudos to both players. The ref was almost perfect-job well done, Mr. Webb.
    Sad thing is I didn’t make some $ off the game-everyone knew not only the tie, but the exact score:1:1. Instead of telling this to all my friends on Saturday, I should have placed a bet. Oh, well.

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