Setanta & ITVN’s "On Demand" Service: A+

Here’s another reason to sign for ITVN via EPL Talk: Scrolling through Setanta’s On Demand service this morning, I noticed several interesting programs to choose from including “Gazzetta Football Italia” and Barcelona against Chelsea.”Gazzetta Football Italia” is hosted by the one and only James Richardson, better known by most U.S. soccer fans as being the host of the Football Weekly podcast from The Guardian (and host of the World Cup Podcast earlier this summer, also from The Guardian).

This week’s episode of Gazzetta features a highlights of the cracking Milan derby from last weekend.Many fans in America were unlucky not to be able to see the Barcelona against Chelsea clash at the Nou Camp. The match wasn’t on ESPN2 or Setanta, but was instead on ESPN Deportes, a channel that not too many people have on their cable or satellite offerings.

3 thoughts on “Setanta & ITVN’s "On Demand" Service: A+”

  1. Setanta showed the Chelsea/Barca game just this last weekend, I think. It is odd that they didn’t show it on ESPN 2–it’s getting to be a big rivalry.

  2. I love how James’ show gets cancelled right after I find out I can watch it on On Demand. Also, I love that picture. Do you think they needed to buff his head to get it that shiny?

  3. the Barca Chelsea game was aired on ESPN DEPORTES. They had the exlusive. it is getting to be a huge rivalry and now, next week Barca is set to play for its life. If they lose they’re out!

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