Why Setanta Is A Dream Come True For Footy Fans

If you’re an English Premier League fan in North America and you have Setanta Sports, you’re in heaven.

Last night’s League Cup match between Chesterfield and West Ham United was entertaining to watch, but more importantly it was a pleasure to see the SkySports feed uninterrupted — including the analysis from former Hammer Tony Cottee before and after the match and during half-time. Hats off to Chesterfield for a gutsy performance and they definitely matched the Hammers throughout the match.

But it wasn’t just the commentary that I enjoyed. It was also the cameras in the cramped changing rooms, the interviews with the players and manager after the match and more. There’s no comparison between this level of coverage and how Fox Soccer Channel presents matches. With Setanta’s League Cup coverage, they show the SkySports feed without interruption as we would see it in England if we were there.

As a result, we get more out of the matches. We hear Cottee’s insightful analysis. And we get to savor every minute of Chesterfield’s shock win against West Ham. Could Alan Pardew be out of a job if the Hammers lose against Blackburn on Sunday (11am ET, FSC)?

If you don’t have Setanta Sports yet, what are you waiting for? You can order it from ITVN today by clicking the banner below and get a free set top box with a one year subscription. Then you just pay $15 a month for the Setanta channel and you can watch the channel on your TV over an internet connection.

Remember that EPL Talk was the first to interview ITVN when we broke the news in mid-August. Plus we were the ones that convinced ITVN to launch their Setanta service in time for the beginning of this season rather than their original plan of September.

Today on Setanta we have the League Cup tie between Crewe and Man United from Gresty Road. Crewe probably won’t achieve the same success as Chesterfield, but Dario Gradi’s side has a host of talented youngsters that’ll give the United defenders a few headaches.

5 thoughts on “Why Setanta Is A Dream Come True For Footy Fans”

  1. Agreed! Setanta is the best soccer channel in the United States. I just wish they had it on cable and not only on one satellite provider(DirecTV)

  2. I agree. Setanta has three ManU games in a row. I also enjoyed the Chesterfield/Whammers game. It’s a shame that we’ll probably never see the like of that in the US (The 49th best team beating a premier league team in a cup game). Yes, for me Setanta provides me with at least as good programming as Fox. I think ChelseaTV alone is worth the price. They get interviews and programming that’s not on any channel anywhere.

    Can’t figure out what Fox is up to but they seem to be isloating FSWR and maybe FFFI from it’s progamming decisions. I assume that’s why FSWR often comes on late after the lame US girls college games.

    Thanks Setanta

  3. Gaffer,

    There was word on the ITVN board about something new coming in a week or so. Do you or your insiders have any clue what this might be? We’re being kept in the dark until next week or so.

  4. Amplified To Rock,

    I believe the “secret” was the On Demand service, which is now available to all ITVN customers.

    The Gaffer

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