Is Chelsea Reverting to Dirty Tricks?

Some interesting news of note:

The Sun newspaper has the exclusive story and pictures of Chelsea dumping sand on their Stamford Bridge pitch 12 days before their important home leg against Barcelona in the Champions League. The move is bound to cause controversy and will add to the tense nature of the Barca-Chelsea matches of previous seasons.

Amazingly, The Daily Telegraph is reporting that the Premier League bung inquiry may result in zero illegal payments have been made to club officials, according to Premier League insiders.

Thanks to a tip-off from The Tokyo Toffeeman, BBC Sport has announced that they’re shutting down their sport message boards. One of the main reasons for the change is the online wars and abuse thrown at fans on the boards. We saw a glimpse of that recently on the EPL Talk Blog when irate Villa and Chelsea fans responded with adult language against the EPL Talk correspondent. Let’s hope the forthcoming EPL Talk message boards will be devoid of this type of abuse and language.

The Soccer Mad In America blog includes a clip of a forthcoming documentary about the German World Cup team. Although it’s in German, the trailer gives a fascinating insight into the German World Cup team.

3 thoughts on “Is Chelsea Reverting to Dirty Tricks?”

  1. Chelsea announced weeks ago that they would be working on the drainage of their pitch during this international break. Sand is involved in this process.
    Why do you publish bilge on this site?

  2. We’re less than eight weeks into the Premiership and Chelsea has to work on the drainage of the pitch already? Why wasn’t this done during the summer months?

    If they were going to work on it, why not begin the job immediately after their last home match on September 30th? Why wait until just 12 days before their Barca match?

    Surely, with Chelsea’s wealth, they can afford to take better care of their pitch. That said, I understand that the way that Stamford Bridge is built that the pitch doesn’t get enough adequate air and sunlight, but the timing of this move is somewhat suspect based on Chelsea’s track record of late.

    The Gaffer

  3. If you recall, Chelsea laid a new pitch *after* last season’s home fixture against Barcelona and many accused Chelsea of letting the pitch deteriorate in order to disrupt Barca’s passing game.

    The new pitch, which hasn’t endured the winter months, is less than 8 months old, and now they are performing major maintenance before the Barca match. I’m not accusing Chelsea of anything, but it certainly seems suspicious.

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