Drogba Delights Fantasy Football Managers

If you’re playing EPL Talk’s Champions League Fantasy Football, you’ll be a happy man today if you have Didier Drogba on your team as captain. After his hat-trick for Chelsea against Levski Sofia, the Ivory Coast striker earned 28 points alone.

The latest top five out of the 20 teams playing thus far is:

1 INTER ROCKFISH David Griffith, 133
2 ouryear07 Hannah Lee, 117
3 gratefullawyer Wayne Novick, 106
4 Bloody Yanks Jeremy Lay, 103
5 FC Epikoinos Eric Anderson, 102

Drogba is also doing well in the Premiership fantasy league.

To join the EPL Talk Premiership Fantasy League, go here for more details. And if you’re interested in joining the Champions League one, you still have plenty of time. Read this post for more information.

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