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ESPN Soccernet story: Life’s a Beach for Donovan

For those who believed the failure of the World Cup would provoke an attitude adjustment from Landon Donovan, once the great American hope, but now our greatest frustration, you were wrong. Check out this maddening story from ESPN Soccernet.

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15 Responses to ESPN Soccernet story: Life’s a Beach for Donovan

  1. Anonymous says:

    He is a total joke. US Soccer should move beyond him.

  2. hugo perez says:

    Clearly he’s more Mathis than Maradona.

  3. Hat Trick Peter Crouch says:

    Can anyone say AMERICAN GAZZA?????!!!!!

    I hate your stinking national side and minor league but for your own good, drop this loser forever from your squad. What a piece of rubbish he is. Other Yanks such as Bobby Convey at Reading and Jay DeMerit at Watford have shown grit and quality over here in the EPL. This golden boy of yours is nothing but a typical whiny yank… the reason some us hate you guys so much. He will not eat the German food because he wants Hamburgers. The man is a sad joke.

  4. hugo perez says:

    Said the typical condescendingly arrogant Brit.

  5. Rafael says:

    Donovan is still an amazing talent who is working to get better. Just because he does not go to Europe as maybe he should does not make him a bad player. While futbol is better in Europe, MLS is perhaps better for player development in allowing Americans to play in the first team on a regular basis.

  6. Hernandez says:

    how does one know that mls or mexico is worse then europe? mls defeat chelsea last month and donovan is second most talented american behind o’brien. he will be in the team anywhere in europe if he wanted.

  7. the beautiful game says:

    By watching!

  8. Sams Army says:

    Donovan is by any measure one of the top players in the world. Much of our failure recently has been due to the presence of two seperate and distinct national teams. One dominated by MLS based players and another dominated by Europeans. Since the USSF is so pro-Euro these days guys like Donovan who have worked to build the game here at home in the US have been vilified. It is sad that many of you on this site take pot shots at what by any reasonable measure is one of the best players ever produced by the USA and currently our top player.

  9. hugo perez says:

    What is unfortunate is that Donovan has peaked at an age where his peers are improving. He is a fine player (hardly world-class) who has admitted that he’s happy where he is and has no desire to push himself to the next level.

    He is a good player now but that’s it – he will never get any better!

  10. Federico says:

    So he had a bad cup? Does everyone need to beat up on him so……remember how much better he was in 2002 then any other player in the world in his age group or class? Amazing. His confidence is low but MLS will help him to regain a high level of confidence and he will be our next captain and show the emotion he used to show during the games.

  11. Harvey says:

    Donovan needs a major attitude adjustment. No doubt about that.

  12. Harvey says:

    It is totally outragous the statements Bruce Arena is making about Gulati and USSF. Kartik, can you post something on this. Arena is a total jack ass. He’s trying to bring down US Soccer IMO.

  13. Xavier says:

    This sadly is not news. Donovan lack of motivation and work ethic have doomed US Soccer’s golden child. In the future our new coach will look to scrappy, fighting individuals for leadership and results. Donovan will not be part of the mix unless his attitude changes.

  14. Torres says:

    Donovan came back to MLS for all of the right reasons, but sadly is saying the wrong things in this interview. Or perhaps the write was just doing a hatchet job on him anyhow.

  15. Kartik says:

    England had lots of talented, skilled players that could replace Gazza. The USA has none that could replace Donovan. So you will be forced to put up with his behavior.

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