Sign Petition to have Dish Add Setanta


EPL Talk reader Magnus Decker wants you to sign this petition to encourage the Dish Network to add Setanta Sports to their network.

“After completing the petition, Dish Network subscribers should email customer service at, or e-mail their CEO at and cc: Setanta Sports at,” says Decker.

Go ahead and help him and other soccer fans out there that are missing all of those Premiership matches being aired on Setanta Sports.

5 thoughts on “Sign Petition to have Dish Add Setanta”

  1. Can someone explain to me what the hold-up would be with Dish Network? I must not totally understand the funding model for this, because it seems like it’s a no brainer for Dish considering it’s a PPV channel and they certainly must get some cut of the $15 per month to cover expenses. Can anyone enlighten me on what would hold up Dish from offering this channel?

  2. It’s going up to $15/month. Still worth it though I wish they’d sell some more ads and not milk us DTV viewers so much.

  3. All,

    I contacted Setanta Sports today and they said that “nothing has been confirmed yet” regarding a future agreement by Dish to offer Setanta Sports on its satellite service.

    The Gaffer

  4. I am considering quiting DishNetwork, and take directTV. But I don’t wanna go through all the installation and billing process again, I will try to wait on DishNetwork for awhile. If not thing improves I will go

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