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It’s going to be another exciting weekend in the Premiership. Fulham and Charlton both need to get three points to escape the bottom. Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal will be looking to gain maximum points to make the most of Chelsea’s midweek faltering, while Wigan versus Reading promises to be an entertaining affair.

To stay on top of all of the coverage, you’re invited to participate in the EPL Talk online chat on Saturday. Starting at 7:30am ET and continuing throughout the day until 7pm ET, you can chat with other EPL fans before, during and after the matches. Plus, I’ll have the webcam switched on so you can see me.

To participate, go to the EPL Talk homepage and click on the Stickam player near the center of the page.

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  1. Hey, I want to live in England real bad. I can’t yet, but when I get a few years older I want to. Do you think that’s a good idea? I’ve wanted to for so long

  2. T,

    Depends what you’re looking for, and depends what your interests are. If your name is Carlos Tevez, it may be a good idea. But seriously, feel free to email me questions via the ‘contact us’ feature at

    The Gaffer

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