Latest TV Listings for FSC and Setanta Sports


Premiership Countdown: 10 Days to Go.

We now know what mid-week matches will be shown by Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports during the first week of the Premiership season. With both Setanta and FSC, we now have the opportunity to watch an amazing 11 Premiership matches the first week (compared with an average of 5-6 last season, not including PPV matches).

Fox has also made a change to the start-time of the “Super Saturday +” show. Instead of starting at 2:30pm ET, it’s now been moved to 4:30pm ET, which means that the 3pm tape-delayed matches on Saturday will now begin at 2:15pm ET. The first Saturday tape-delayed match to start at 2:15pm is Reading versus Middlesbrough.

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2:30pm ET (FSC):
Watford vs West Ham United

Tuesday, August 22nd, 3pm ET (Setanta):
Tottenham Hotspur vs Sheffield United

Wednesday, August 23rd, 3pm ET (Setanta):
Charlton Athletic vs Manchester United

Wednesday, August 23rd, 3pm ET (FSC):
Middlesbrough vs Chelsea

There’s been quite a lot of criticism aimed at Fox recently, but Fox Soccer Channel will be showing more Premiership matches this season than last. They’ll be showing one tape-delayed match instead of two this season. And because Fox made the deal with Setanta, we now have many more Premiership matches to watch this season (if we can find a way to subscribe to Setanta for those of us who don’t have satellite).

If Fox hadn’t signed the agreement with Setanta, we’d be watching the same number of Premiership matches this season as we did last year. So, at the end of the day, it’s a win-win for us.

In the meantime, I should be getting more information about IPTV shortly. As soon as I do, I’ll be sure to post it on this blog. Thanks for your support!

13 thoughts on “Latest TV Listings for FSC and Setanta Sports”

  1. I think it is a great deal for Soccer Fans. personally I save $300 a year cause I purchased the PPV package. I think Setanta is a bargain even at $15 a month. I was direct Tv for 6 years switched the cable – no setanata, no epl ppv, picture wasnt as good. So back to Direct TV, my homeowners assoc hasnt figured out where Im hiding the dish, my kids and wife hate me cause they dont get ondemand, but sometimes you just got to have your EPL all day long……..bring on the beers

  2. It’s good if you can get Setanta, not so good if like me you can’t. Also, FSC are going to show alot of games featuring the “lesser teams” this season. I wish they had kept the 7:45am games as that seemed to feature the best teams.

  3. As a brand new EPL fan (who got hooked during the World Cup), this development kinda sucks.

    My wife and I chose teams to follow (she Chelsea and me Tottenham). Now it looks like those matches will be predominantly on Setanta (which I do not have access to, cuz I’m not gettin get a dish).

    Any detailed info on the IPTV option would be much appreciated.

  4. Well, FSC still has the Sunday 11am ET/8am PT (4pm local start, which during the winter, is basically a night game)… This game is arguably the best timespot & matchup overall IMHO…

  5. Guys, we are getting almost all premiership games shown between 2 channels on a weekly basis and we are complaining?

    Granted, cable users don’t have access yet to Sentanta but they are working on it.

    Heck, the craptacular and popular NFL doesn’t get this much TV action.

    All the complaints seem to be about the loss of the “top” games….heck…all the “top” games were on PPV last year at $20 a pop.

    This year, PPV is gone…hooray!

    You can give me the Fulham’s, Everton’s, Reading’s, Watford’s and the like…I don’t care…it is Prem action and I love it all.

    Only 10 days away!!!!

  6. the comments above are wrong. if you are a cable subscriber your in a worse situation. you lose all the top matches and dont have a choice to pay ppv prices to get them. and even last year, fsc would still air the ppv matches later in the week. so you could decide to either buy the ppv match or wait until thursday to see it. now, i will have no chance to see them at all. i think that gives me right to complain.

    also, until the iptv works out, it appears setanta will keep saying how great it is for everyone. theres no soccer dedicated pubs where i live. i cant get a dish. and im concerned the iptv will be quite a pain. on top of all of that, i dont feel like setanta cares about fans like me. otherwise theyd do anything (including taking a loss) to get on digital cable.

  7. Here’s a schedule of the Fox Soccer Channel matches, although it’s not complete and the 3pm tape-delayed matches on Saturday have now been moved to 2:15pm ET (still tape-delayed).

    And here’s the schedule of most of the Setanta matches. Again, it’s not completely updated, but it gives you a good idea.

    Many of the matches won’t be decided until 1-2 weeks before they happen (Setanta and Fox work together to decide who gets what).

    The Gaffer

  8. The problem isnt necessary setanta. It usually the cable systems that do not want to add the channels. Many of you may not remember or didnt live in an area where foxworld was not put of a cable package. After 2 plus years of talking to my cable company (time Warner) to add that channel and being promised yes it is coming…I invested over $1000 (yes before they were giving direct tv away)for my sytem…..
    The problem wanst foxworld it was my cable company…….SO if I was you I would round up my footy friends and start contacting your local cable company………….
    and if you dont have setanta your welcome to come watch at my house just bring some beer

  9. The cable companies are the problem, not Setanta. The thing we need to do is to contact our cable companies and demonstrate a demand for Setanta. I’d happily pay an extra $15 a month if I can watch Tottenham more than twice.

    Go Spurs!!!

  10. you lose all the top matches and dont have a choice to pay ppv prices to get them.

    This is not completely true.
    The PPV game at 11 on Sunday is now on FSC.

    Seems to me we (we being customers with FSC and no setanta) lost two pretty good games (7:30 am and first choice 10:00 am game) to get the (in theory) best game of the week. (11:00 on sunday.)
    Not ideal, but not too bad either.

  11. The Sunday game is only any good when you have the top teams playing, that doesn’t happen to much as they are all playing in the Champions League and only play on Sunday’s when there is no Champions League game in the week.

  12. Horrible development for those of us with no ability to switch to directv. Last year I saw almost every Prem match I wanted to but this season I’ll miss about 25% of the matches and many of the best games. FSC has screwed over Prem fans just to force people to get directv and setanta. I wish I could drop FSC but it comes in the same package as the much superior Goltv.

  13. I personally think it’s good to have more football available here in the US, but as many have said, you have to have satellite for the pick of the matches on Setanta.

    The thing is, back in the UK this is exactly how things are all the time there. All live Premiership football is on Sky Sports (satellite) as they own the rights to broadcast in the UK, and it’s been killing the game there for the last 13 years.

    Very little live football, except the UEFA Champions League, the FA Cup and the odd international match are on terrestrial / network TV over there.

    Funny how Sky’s a subsidary of News Corporation / FOX and FSC and they can’t seem to get the rights over here for the pick of the games… Although I do believe News Corp owns DirecTV, so I can’t see cable picking up Setanta as Fox / News Corp are quite happy the way things are with the monopoly they hold here in the US on FSC and DirecTV..

    As for those happy with no PPV, as a Man Utd supporter for the last 25 years and British ex-pat, I’d gladly shell out $20 for the pleasure of seeing my team. Now I either have to move apartment just to face south west for DirecTV or make do with the constant Middlesboro / Chelsea / Reading (!!) games FSC seems to keep showing.. I mean, Chelsea live 3 times in 14 days…

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