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Now that football fans like you have the opportunity to see more Premiership matches on TV than ever before, you need help to stay on top of all of the news and TV listings.

That’s why EPL Talk is launching the EPL Talk Email Newsletter this Friday, which will be your weekly guide to getting the most out of the English Premier League on TV. Each weekly issue will be packed with your guide to the weekend’s Premiership matches on TV, a preview of the big matches and much more, including:

  • Links to unbelievable football web sites,
  • The latest football headline from England,
  • Chances to win FREE prizes such as T-shirts from EPL Talk,
  • Plus a couple of other surprises, which you’ll see only in the e-newsletter.

Sign up today to the EPL Talk Email Newsletter so you don’t miss any of the issues, including the debut one.

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