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Setanta Sports To Show 90+ Premiership Matches

setanta sports 600x391 Setanta Sports To Show 90+ Premiership Matches

BREAKING NEWS. Setanta Sports has made an agreement with Fox Soccer Channel whereby Setanta will show 90+ live Premiership matches during the 2006/2007 season.

While the majority of matches shown during the season will be on Fox Soccer Channel, Setanta has sublicensed the live rights for an estimated 62 Saturday matches, approximately 28 Sunday matches and a selection of mid-week matches.

The opening weekend schedule from Setanta is as follows:

Saturday, August 19th, 7:45am ET:
Sheffield United v Liverpool

Saturday, August 19th, 10am ET:
Arsenal v Aston Villa

Sunday, August 20th, 8:30am ET:
Manchester United v Fulham

Setanta Sports is available to subscribers on DirecTV.

Looking ahead at the first half of the season, Setanta will be showing some huge matches including Chelsea v Liverpool, Arsenal v Spurs, Man Utd v Liverpool, Man Utd v Man City, Everton v Liverpool, and Liverpool v Spurs.

Now that we know Setanta will be showing the 7:30am ET Saturday match and the 8:30am/9am ET Sunday match, we can reveal the other matches that Setanta will show:

Liverpool v West Ham United (Saturday, August 26, 7:45am ET)
Aston Villa v Newcastle (Sunday, August 27, 9am ET)
Everton v Liverpool (Saturday, September 9, 7:45am ET)
Charlton v Portsmouth (Saturday, September 16th, 7:45am ET)
Chelsea v Liverpool (Sunday, September 17th, 8:30am ET)
Liverpool v Spurs (Saturday, September 23rd, 7:45am ET)
Bolton v Liverpool (Saturday, September 30th, 7:45am ET)
West Ham v Reading (Sunday, October 1st, 9am ET)
Wigan v Man Utd (Saturday, October 14th, 7:45am ET)
Wigan v Man City (Saturday, October 21st, 7:45am ET)
Man Utd v Liverpool (Sunday, October 22nd, 8am ET)
Sheff Utd v Chelsea (Saturday, October 28th, 7:45am ET)
Fulham v Everton (Saturday, November 4th, 7:45am ET)
West Ham v Arsenal (Sunday, November 5th, 8:30am ET)
Man City v Newcastle (Saturday, November 11th, 7:45am ET)
Reading v Spurs (Sunday, November 12th, 8:30am ET)
Man City v Fulham (Saturday, November 18th, 12:45am ET)
Wigan v Aston Villa (Sunday, November 19th, 8:30am ET)
Charlton v Everton (Saturday, November 25, 7:45 am ET)
Newcastle v Portsmouth (Sunday, November 26th, 8:30am ET)
Arsenal v Spurs (Saturday, December 2nd, 7:45am ET)
Man Utd v Man City (Saturday, December 9th, 7:45am ET)
Charlton v Liverpool (Saturday, December 16th, 7:45am ET)
Everton v Chelsea (Sunday, December 17th, 8:30am ET)
Fulham v West Ham (Saturday, December 23rd, 7;45am ET)

Setanta will also be showing one of the 10am ET Saturday matches and some mid-week matches.

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates today.

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