Exclusive Interview with Setanta’s Shane O’Rourke


Today, EPL Talk conducted an exclusive interview with Shane O’Rourke, the president of North American operations for Setanta Sports.

With Setanta and Fox Soccer Channel dividing the Premiership matches to be shown in the US, soccer fans will have many questions about the changes and what impact the announcement will have.

EPL Talk will guide you through the changes.

First, go ahead and listen to the interview on the EPL Talk Podcast right now. Then, afterwards, feel free to post your questions or feedback here, and we’ll do our best to answer.

Personally, I think it’s a good thing. Although Setanta is charging $15 per month, that’s far cheaper than the $20 per PPV game we’re used to. Definitely value for money, especially seeing all of the Premiership matches the channel will be showing (plus much more).

What’s your opinion?

16 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Setanta’s Shane O’Rourke”

  1. I left a comment on the podcast directly, but I’ll comment here as well. I think this is fantastic news. Setanta has done a great job to get some top Premiership matches in their lineup. As Shane said in the interview there are too many Premiership games for one channel to cover effectively, so having more games available seems like a wine for everyone.

    I also think the IP TV option is brilliant. That particular access method works out well for me personally, and should be good for others where getting DirecTV proves difficult.

  2. Does this mean that FSC is out of the PPV biz…Or, will cable operators continue to offer the $20 per match or $350 season packages? And, how will this affect Pub PPV events, I assume bar owners will be footing the bill for their small dish subscriptions and not charging the $20?

  3. c. marlins…what IP TV option do you have? How does it work, does the IPTV box connect to your router and then to your cable box? What’s the image quality like?

  4. Responding to an earlier question, Fox is out of the PPV business for this season in terms of the Premiership.

    I don’t believe they’ll be showing the $20 per match option. Not sure about the $350 per season option, though.

    I’m trying to interview an executive from Fox Soccer Channel, so I’ll go ahead and ask him those questions, which will be played on a future EPL Talk Podcast.

    Good question about the pubs. I believe they have to get a commercial license to show Setanta, so their cost is a lot more than a consumer like you or me.

    Hope that helps.

    The Gaffer

  5. still looking for more info on IPTV. will it be ready by the time the season start (or soon after) also, what is required in terms of your system. does it work with macs? does broadband speed determine quality of picture etc. i cant get a dish but WILL get it this if I can. I need as much detail as possible. Great stuff Gaffer.

  6. Just a clarification, (or maybe not), as I have DirecTV and Setanta USA, the price, at least currently and for the past year to subscribe to Setanta USA is $11.99.

  7. Unfortunately those of us without a dish option are royally screwed as there will be no PPV cable option…a bunch of us need to pool resources and purchase a SLING BOX, then have one of our DirecTV friends hook it up and leave ch. 615 on at all times, and share the bandwidth on their hi speed router!

  8. desperate for more info on iptv. does anyone know anything about it? when will it be ready and what does it cost?

  9. I have a message in to Setanta to find out more information about IPTV.

    I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something.

    The Gaffer

  10. I emailed ITVN (they are a provider of IPTV) and they told me that they have reached an agreement with Setanta and should have more info this week.

  11. I received a short email response from Setanta about when the service would be available. They said it “would be a month or two.”

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