Interview with Paul Oakenfold


The EPL Talk Podcast interview with Paul Oakenfold is scheduled for release tonight, August 1st. Sorry for the delay, but it’ll definitely be worth the wait.

In the meantime, all of the previous EPL Talk Podcast interviews are still available on iTunes or the EPL Talk Podcast page (click on the different months near the top right corner of the page). Some of my favorite interviews include Phil Schoen talking about his Highbury memories, Richard Beresh discussing how Premiership games influence his video games and vice versa, Ray Hudson just expressing himself in his own passionate way as always, and The Treble having a laugh.

What’s your favorite?

One thought on “Interview with Paul Oakenfold”

  1. I enjoyed the Malin interview. Having enjoyed many of those Cosmos matches in the 70s, the interview brought back a lot of memories.

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