Premiership Countdown: 28 Days to Go


fulham fc crest Premiership Countdown: 28 Days to Go

Although I don’t fancy Fulham’s chances this upcoming season, I have a lot of respect for manager Chris Coleman and what he’s trying to do at the west London club. After all, who couldn’t a club with such a historic building nestled in the corner of the ground (pictured right)?

In today’s Guardian newspaper, the reporter offers a glimpse into the life of a Premiership manager by speaking with Coleman and discovering what his schedule is like. As “Cookie” Coleman says, it’s a 12-month job now, not 10 months.

Read the fascinating article today.

PS – I must have been drinking too many ciders during the World Cup when I was watching those England matches. We’re now down to 28 days before the Premiership starts, not 29 (hence the reason I skipped from 30 days to 28 days).

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