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Many of you may already know the name Barry Glendenning, but if you don’t he’s one of the most entertaining football writers in the business today. Glendenning writes for The Guardian newspaper and you can see his work in The Fiver newsletter, minute-by-minute match reports, and more.

I contacted him this week to see if he would like to be interviewed for an upcoming EPL Talk Podcast. Here’s his humorous response:

While I'm very flattered that you're so short of football celebrities youwant to interview me, the whole idea of being a journalist/podcasteranswering questions posed by another journalist/podcaster on the subject ofjournalism/podcasting doesn't appeal to me. Indeed, recording podcastsdoesn't even appeal to me, but I have to do them so that's that. To behonest, the work I've done on the the Guardian's World Cup site and podcastis fairly routine and dull and desk-based, so I can't imagine that anyonewould be interested in hearing about it for 20 minutes - it definitelyain't a spectator sport. So without wanting to sound like a curmudgeonlyold git, I'd rather pass and retain whatever small sliver of dignity andmystique I have left..

Apologies again for being a pernickety old grump,

Barry G.


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