Get Ready For An Amazing EPL Talk Interview


I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Seamus Malin this evening, probably the most famous American soccer commentator ever. Malin, who was born in Dublin, had several amazing stories to tell, and gave some great insight into things that I never knew about him such as what Premiership side he supports (and has supported for 50 years since the days of the old First Division).

No matter where you live in the world, the interview will definitely interest those of you who love the sport of soccer. And thanks to everyone for submitting your ideas of interview questions!

The interview with Malin will be released Sunday night. If you haven’t subscribed to the EPL Talk Podcast yet on iTunes, go ahead and do it today. Or you can subscribe to the RSS feeds on the EPL Talk Podcast page, so you can download episode 14 as soon as it’s available. The EPL Talk Podcast is the only soccer interview show on the Internet.

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