Soccer Broadcasting Legend to Speak with EPL Talk


One of the benefits of being a regular reader to this blog is to you get to learn about what’s going on behind the scenes at EPL Talk.

For example, I just got confirmation that I’ll be interviewing soccer broadcasting legend Seamus Malin tomorrow night for the next episode of the EPL Talk Podcast.

Malin has worked on numerous World Cups before and has been a champion of soccer going back to the New York Cosmos days.

So, here’s your chance to get involved in the EPL Talk Podcast! Tell me what questions I should ask Malin and if there’s anything specific you’d like to hear from him. I welcome your input.

2 thoughts on “Soccer Broadcasting Legend to Speak with EPL Talk”

  1. Malin said in a pre-W Cup interview “When you’re announcing on the networks, you’ve got to realise that the audience for the game is mixed, you’ve got the true believers and the curiosity seekers and you’ve got to keep both interested. It’s a very fine line to walk.” Gaffer, before he tries to give bland answers in your interview about whether ESPN/ABC have done a good job of commentating on the games just quote some of the pearlers heard so far eg. “Lampard has the accuracy, he just needs to drop a bit”, “Costa Rica has no national defence”, “The difference between the teams is that Paraguay doesn’t have a player married to a spice girl”, “Goalkeeprs are the biggest cheerleaders”, “Michael Beckham” etc etc. Put him on the spot with concrete examples (soccer message boards are currently full of them)so he won’t be able to dodge the fact that the announcers are shockingly bad and in no way keep the ‘true believers’ happy, most of whom seem to have been forced to take Spanish/German lessons or desperately attempt to access proper commentary via the internet! Why wasn’t Derek Rae used? Did John Sheehan’s petition have get discussed at all?

  2. I’d like to hear his opinion on the MLS, in particular their playoff structure and whether he thinks they’ll eventually change the league to more of a European-format (and really whether it’s necessary, which I think it is).

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