Semi Final Matchups Becoming Clearer


After the final second-round matches conclude Tuesday, only eight World Cup matches remain (and that includes the meaningless third-place match).

Could we be destined for the following semi-final matches? Italy against Germany, and England versus Brazil? Or do you fancy Argentina versus Ukraine, and Brazil against Spain?

If England do manage to beat Portugal on Saturday, get your doctor’s note ready. England would play their semi-final match on Wednesday, July 5th at 3pm ET — presumably against Brazil.

2 thoughts on “Semi Final Matchups Becoming Clearer”

  1. Nice Blog, though with a small mistake – Both SemiFinals are at 8 PM (British Local Time). So no doctor’s note needed

  2. Guy Next Door,

    Ah, I live in America so the match kicks off at 3pm East Coast Time here. Wish I was watching the match in England, though.

    The Gaffer

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