World Cup Breather Before Second Round Begins

A "proper" pub on Tottenham High Road

A “proper” pub on Tottenham High Road

The World Cup seems to be in fast forward. It was just yesterday that the US succumbed to Ghana after an absolutely appalling penalty decision. But life goes on, and the US — unfortunately — didn’t deserve to make it through to the next round anyway. Playing a 4-5-1 formation and bringing on Eddie Johnson in the 60th minute is not going to win you games. Mr. Arena.

It’s a Friday night here in the US of A, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to this weekend’s matches. I’ll be catching the Germany vs Sweden and Argentina vs Mexico matches at local pubs here in the South Florida region, and watching the England vs Ecuador at the illustrious Kings Head Pub in Sunrise, Florida. I’ll be snapping pictures and sharing them here on this blog.

To be honest, the last few days of the World Cup have been anti-climatic, but it’s no surprise. In those crucial third matches of the first round, teams will be more conservative in order to secure their place in the next round.

The second round, however, is a whole new competition and the knock-out stages is as the name suggests. Get ready for a weekend of scintillating football. We’ll be watching it with you around the globe, at the same time.

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