Recap of interview with BBC World


Just completed an interesting interview this morning on live TV for BBC World’s “My World Cup” show. The host, Adnan, asked me about the US performance in the Italy match, how the coverage has been thus far on TV, and whether there are a lot of immigrants who play for the US national team.

For those of you who don’t have BBC World, I explained that the coverage in the US regarding the World Cup has been very similar to England’s performance in the World Cup. It started out terribly, but it’s starting to get much better.

I remarked that the US result against Italy was fantastic, much better than their opening 3-0 loss to Czech Republic, and that these days most of the US players playing for America are American-born and bred such as Landon Donovan.

If you have access to BBC World TV, you can watch the show again at 1330, 1630 and 2130 GMT today.

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