NBC Sports has announced diverse plans for coverage of the 2024 Summer Olympics that include a heavy dose of Peacock.

NBC’s paid streaming service will combine with the NBC linear channel to cover the sports throughout the Olympics in Paris. Fans will have access to over 5,000 hours of live coverage of the 329 events that include soccer Of those events, 40 sports will have dedicated hubs on Peacock where fans can reliably look for live content and shoulder programming.

As part of its coverage, Peacock is also introducing two new features. Live Actions and Discovery Multiview will impact the way fans interact with Peacock during the Olympics. Live Actions allows fans to choose what they want to watch during the Olympic coverage in Paris. Fans can watch Live, which is similar to Goal Rush for Premier League fans or MLS 360 on MLS Season Pass. It is a version of a whip-around show that lets fans select their favorite events. Live Actions will help audiences choose what they watch. That means they can either focus on the whip-around program, or they can tap into live coverage of an event they want to follow.

Discovery Multiview, based on its name, allows fans to watch four different events at a time. This is nothing new to soccer fans, as multiple broadcasters make this an option available. In terms of the Olympics, there will be on-time text updates so, even if a fan is not using the audio, they can see what is at stake for the different events. There can be as many as 40 events happening simultaneously, this tool will be useful for fans.

For those interested in soccer or track and field, there will also be a traditional multiview experience. Just like the Discovery Multiview, the traditional look allows fans to choose where their audio comes from, and they can tune into the full coverage of any game. The traditional look just does not have the on-screen prompts to explain each situation.

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Peacock will have full scope of Olympics in 2024

In addition to those two features, there will be many ways to use Peacock to focus on the events and athletes that are most important to them. That includes ways to search by ‘star athlete.’ Those searches will yield options that are on-demand replays or live coverage of events, if applicable to the athlete. There will also be options to search by sport, team, event or country. Also, there will be a rail to browse by sport, so users on Peacock can see what is available quickly.

Premier League fans will be familiar with Peacock’s feature to catch up with key plays. That will be available for Olympic soccer, but NBC is stretching it into basketball and golf as well. In terms of other navigational parts of Peacock for the Olympics, there will be a medal counter so fans can check how their favorite nations are doing.

Olympic soccer to feature both US men’s and women’s teams

The draw for Olympic soccer happened earlier this week. Both the men’s and women’s teams from the United States learned their opposition. The men’s team is the Americans’ U-23 team with three older players. It will play France, New Zealand and one qualifying team. Therefore, the men’s team will play the hosts, which could include Kylian Mbappe.

The women’s team from the United States is the full USWNT. They are also in a tough group against Germany and Australia.