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/ 20 days ago

Croatia, the darlings of 2018, seek redemption at Qatar 2022

Measuring nations against one another in terms of national pride is ridiculous. Yet, it is hard to argue against Croatia's standing at the top of that hypothetical list. Plus, given Croatia's talent, it is a clear soccer powerhouse. Croatia's population hovers just shy of 4 million. For reference, that is roughly equal to the state […]


/ 53 days ago

Qatar emir thanks Putin for helping organize World Cup

The Qatar emir expressed gratitude to Russian President Vladimir Putin for help in organizing the 2022 World Cup. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Putin met in Astana, Kazakhstan, on Thursday. The issuance of thanks comes at a curious time. The 2022 World Cup starts in roughly five weeks, and controversy is imbued within the […]
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/ 157 days ago

Kylian Mbappé can shock the world again at World Cup 2022

Kylian Mbappé, one of the world’s brightest talents, has a major test coming in the form of the 2022 World Cup. At league play, he dominates the French club scene and leads a stacked frontline against Europe's elite. Internationally, he is the catalyst for France's impressive recent results. However, mediocre performances in the Nations League […]