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Leagues: NWSL

/ 53 days ago

NWSL vs USL Super League on a collision course in US soccer

As the male professional soccer leagues in the United States continue their Soccerwarz, the same mistakes and lack of leadership from the United States Soccer Federation are creating a similar situation for the women. Starting this summer, a brand-new independent women's soccer league named USL Super League will debut going head-to-head against the NWSL. Women's […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 64 days ago

MLS Open Cup stance backfires as USSF blocks Next Pro teams

Arguably, the biggest turning point in the history of soccer in the United States is happening at this very moment. MLS is attempting to pull its teams out of the US Open Cup. And how the United States Soccer Federation navigates this battle for control of the game will send shockwaves through the sport which […]

Soccerwarz in Jacksonville: Sporting JAX joins the fight

The largest city in Florida isn't what you might think. It's not Miami, Tampa, or Orlando. It's Jacksonville – in both population and geographic size. As of 2020, nearly one million people live in the city, the eleventh-greatest population of any city in the USA. In fact, the city of Jacksonville has a greater population […]

American Soccer

/ 97 days ago

What is the difference between MLS and USL?

Whether you're new to American soccer, or a long-time fan who's never considered the broader landscape, you may not actually know the structure of our leagues. The two biggest players on the scene currently are MLS and USL, and there is a difference between the two. In fact, there are a lot of things that […]

CBS Sports

/ 107 days ago

What USL's media deal with CBS Sports means for US soccer

USL and CBS Sports have announced a new broadcast deal that could be a big shakeup on the domestic soccer scene. The multi-year agreement through 2027 will see 100 matches each year from the United Soccer League's USL Championship and League One divisions featured on CBS Sports platforms through the 2027 season. Expectations are that […]

American Soccer

/ 287 days ago

San Diego MLS bid vs Landon Donovan's USL team heats up

The latest battleground in the "Soccer Warz" appears to be set, on the coast of southern California. Newspaper reports indicate that a San Diego MLS franchise will be announced in the coming weeks, adding the league's 30th team as early as 2025. The new team would play at Snapdragon Stadium, home of San Diego State […]