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/ 58 days ago

Ex-EPL star ranks 2 players more gifted than Messi and Ronaldo

According to former Premier League great Sami Nasri, two players had more natural potential than Messi and Ronaldo. According to the Frenchman, Brazilian duo Ronaldo and Ronaldinho were more gifted and may have been more successful had they taken their careers more seriously. The last twenty years have seen Messi and Ronaldo rise to the […]


/ 69 days ago

Hong Kong to invite Ronaldo and Al-Nassr as revenge to Messi

While Lionel Messi disappointed Hong Kong supporters, they may get a shot at seeing Cristiano Ronaldo live sometime in 2025. Following the near-diplomatic crisis that Inter Miami and Lionel Messi nearly sparked in the area, a Hong Kong official has made an intriguing Cristiano Ronaldo claim. Inter Miami went on a global preseason tour with […]

Cristiano Ronaldo

/ 563 days ago

Cristiano Ronaldo departs World Cup in tears

Cristiano Ronaldo's quest to collect a World Cup trophy has slipped through his fingers. Portugal dropped out of the 2022 tournament in Qatar thanks to a Morocco goal just before the halftime break. Following the shock defeat, Ronaldo was seen in tears as he made his way to the locker room. The superstar started the […]

Cristiano Ronaldo

/ 581 days ago

Cristiano Ronaldo departs Manchester United by mutual consent

Cristiano Ronaldo is out at Manchester United. The Red Devils parted ways with their superstar after a series of controversial decisions by the Portugal international. "Cristiano Ronaldo is to leave Manchester United by mutual agreement, with immediate effect," an official statement by the Premier League club read. "The club thanks him for his immense contribution […]


/ 587 days ago

Nike World Cup ad features generations of soccer stars battling

Nike dropped its World Cup ad for the 2022 World Cup, and it is a treat for soccer fans regardless of age. There are modern day stars such as Kylian Mbappé, Kevin de Bruyne, Virgil van Dijk and Cristiano Ronaldo. There are also stars of decades ago, such as Ronaldo, Edgar Davids, Ronaldinho and a […]

Diego Maradona

/ 763 days ago

Who is the greatest soccer player of all time?

The debate over who is the greatest soccer player of all time is seldom a cordial one. This opinion is baked into the minds of soccer fans over their 'G.O.A.T.' is. Of course, there are plenty of factors that come into play over who someone considers truly great. Home country is a major factor. Brazilians […]


/ 796 days ago

World Cup top scorers of all time

The World Cup top scorers of all time list differs heavily from the stereotypical list of who the greatest players of all time are. If anything, that signals that heroes are made in the monthlong competition that happens every four years. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo has seven goals in his four World Cup competitions. That […]


/ 4951 days ago

Premiership: Weakened Or Strongest Ever?

The Premiership, probably at the moment, is the most open league for anyone to win since its introduction in 1992. The emergence of teams like Bolton and Sunderland is making them competitors worthy of testing the best in the league. The league in my mind has stretched across a different range altogether, watching a resurgent […]


/ 5599 days ago

Ferguson versus Mourinho: Clash of the Chess Player-Like Football Tactician Grandmasters

The delicious mind-game between former Premier League rivals Jose Mourinho and Alex Ferguson didn’t disappoint yesterday afternoon.  Whether making sure each player wore the correct shirt to the organizing their players in a way to enhance the scoring of goals, these two towering geniuses of the modern game proved beyond a doubt they are football […]


/ 5837 days ago

Benitez Burns His Bridges

Liverpool seem to have decided on a new transfer policy this summer which makes the same impact as Real Madrid's lovelorn chase for Ronaldo. Liverpool seem to be using their local paper, The Echo, to release transfer target information into the public domain to unsettle players at other clubs. Gareth Barry became the first and now it seems […]


/ 5850 days ago

Euro 2008 Portugal v Germany Quarter Final Preview

So here we go, we've had 12 days of blood and thunder football, sublime skills, shock results, new stars and the retirement of legends. Tonight sees the first of the Quarter Finals and what a way to start this section of the competition. There is no doubting over the last 10 years, Portugal's stock has […]


/ 5892 days ago

Ronaldo, I'm so ashamed

Reuters – Brazilian football star Ronaldo admits being ashamed after a motel run-in with three transvestites in Rio de Janeiro.In his first public appearance since the scandal broke Ronaldo described the episode as the "worst decision in his personal life." Police are considering charging one of the transvestites with extortion. video – Ronaldo interview