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/ 13 days ago

Nottingham Forest appeal rejected: What it means for relegation

The Premier League denied an appeal from Nottingham Forest that now upholds the side's four-point deduction. The club's financial records indicated it exceeded its loss limit in its first season back in the Premier League. Nottingham Forest was only permitted to lose $77 million, per the Premier League's regulations. However, major spending amounted to $318 […]


/ 23 days ago

Leicester earns Premier League promotion as financial issues loom

Leicester City has officially earned promotion back to the Premier League after one season in the second-tier Championship. Despite shocking the sporting world by winning the Premier League title in 2016 and playing nine consecutive seasons in the division, the Foxes were relegated from the English top flight after the 2022/23 campaign. Nevertheless, Leicester will […]


/ 25 days ago

Premier League to vote on new FFP rules in huge blow to Big Six

Monday, the Premier League teams will discuss "game-changing" financial fair play, or FFP, rules that might introduce a strict pay ceiling, or "anchoring." Also, introducing squad cost limitations is a part of the league's effort to revamp its financial fair play regulations. Clubs in the Premier League have already decided to implement squad spending limitations […]


/ 35 days ago

Everton files appeal to reduce second points deduction

Everton issued an appeal against the second points deduction from just one week ago. The Premier League docked the Merseyside club two points for violations of profitability and sustainability regulations (PSR). Premier League regulations state no club can lose $134 million over three years. However, Everton's financial records showed losses of $112.5 million in the […]


/ 38 days ago

Premier League teams make decision on spending limit

The Premier League has been considering a club spending limit as a means of dealing with growing player salaries and a level playing field. It is an idea with roots in the United States. Clubs must already comply with UEFA's Financial Fair Play Regulations, which aim to guarantee their financial stability. The Premier League, on […]


/ 42 days ago

Everton picks up a second points deduction for FFP violation

Once again, Everton faces a points deduction that puts more strain on the club's chances of survival in the Premier League. Earlier in the campaign, the Toffees suffered a six-point drop after violating the league's Profitability and Sustainability (PSR) rules. Now, the Premier League has deducted a further two points from Everton's tally. With eight […]


/ 56 days ago

Fight fire with fire: Forest appeal against points deduction

As expected, Nottingham Forest is going to appeal the points deduction that subtracted four points from the club's Premier League point total. The English top flight ruled that Forest violated the Profitability and Sustainability Rules in its first season back in the Premier League. According to financial analysis from the league, Forest was $44 million […]


/ 63 days ago

Nottingham Forest suffers four-point drop to fall into bottom three

The Premier League issued Nottingham Forest a points deduction on Monday that immediately sends the club into the relegation zone. The four-point slash comes as a result of Forest breaching the Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSR) that protect financial fair play (FFP). Premier League authorities noted that Forest's losses came from exuberant spending upon the […]


/ 84 days ago

Everton points penalty reduced to six, additional charges loom

Everton received good news on Monday morning when the Premier League reduced its points penalty to just six. Previously, the league charged the Toffees with a 10-point deduction for violations of the profitability and sustainability (PSR) rules. Everton's net losses over three years exceeded the league's maximum of $134 million. As a result, the points […]