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/ 117 days ago

How the number of pro soccer teams in the USA compares to abroad

As of 2024, ninety-four men's soccer teams in the United States are designated as professional. That spans Major League Soccer, the USL Championship, MLS Next Pro, NISA, and USL League One. Granted, it does not include all of MLS Next Pro, because many teams in that division are reserves. While 94 professional men's teams are […]

American Soccer

/ 175 days ago

Reasons to be optimistic for American soccer in 2024

Soccer in the USA can sometimes feel tough to get excited about. Our leagues aren't the best in the world, organizational problems sometimes cause rifts between leagues and teams, and unfortunately far too often we lose professional clubs. But there are always reasons to be positive. And some fantastic things are on the way to […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 433 days ago

The future of lower-league soccer in the US

From the bottom to the top, we take a deep dive into discussing what US lower league soccer clubs (and leagues themselves) need to improve in order to be more relevant in 2023 and beyond. This also includes a discussion of the complexity of the current system, and how the US Soccer Federation can make […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 466 days ago

Lower divisions shed light on chaotic nature of US Soccer

This month, in the United States men's club soccer scene, three different professional third divisions kick off 2023 campaigns. USL League One kicks off this weekend. Then, MLS Next Pro the following weekend. Finally, NISA the weekend after. What exactly is a third division in a system with no promotion and relegation? Well, It’s a […]